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SlayerFest [3W Group post]

Chessmaster / @progenitor
Att: Buffy, Spike and Charlie

He didn't want to believe the rumors but they were true. Rupert Giles pursed his lips into a fine line. He'd lost track of Buffy some time ago. None of the potentials he had under observation had been activated, so he knew she was alive. He'd even reached out to Wesley Wyndham-Pryce to assist in this search. The rebuilding of the Watcher's Council was going to require all he knew in order to restore everything to a more healthy balance once more. Just because the Watchers and Slayers had been scattered didn't mean that evil took a holiday. This whole Slayerfest debacle was proof of that little tidbit. They were organized. The Watchers and Slayers were not.

Slayers and those close to them were being abducted. This was horrific news when he first heard it. His continued investigation into this matter had brought some clarification to everything. It didn't surprise him to find out that Hiram Lodge and the Triad Corp were operating everything in conjunction with Wolfram and Hart. This Triad Corp had been around for a while under different leadership. Lodge, coming into control of such a diabolical organization had caught them all off guard. After hearing this little nugget of information, Giles had to remain at the top of his game to steer clear of being possibly abducted in his own right. Surely Lilah Morgan would educate Hiram Lodge on how difficult it would be to capture him in the first place.

Then there was the whole notion that Drusilla had been in the company of Lilah herself. If that was indeed the case, then it was likely that Buffy and more of her associates were nearby. He was going to have to move expeditiously in order to save them all. He took off his wire rimmed glasses and stuffed them in pocket. He had his work cut out for him, that was for certain. He hated doing this, but he was going to have to ask for help. He was only one mage and he could only go so far. He pulled out his mobile device and called a number he hated to have in his contacts. He heard a familiar voice on the other end. Damned voice mails!

“William, it's Rupert. Buffy and many of her comrades are missing. I.. I require your assistance. You can get all the particulars from Wesley. Please hurry. We have little time left.” Giles disconnected the call. Having to call Spike of all people for assistance was absolutely repugnant. However, Spike working with him could assist in marvelous ways. He had very little choice in the matter. It had to be done.

Giles found himself in a wooded area of what he assumed was the course where the Slayers were hunted like dogs. The darkness of the surrounding area did give him some cover. Unfortunately he had no real weapons on him. Giles himself was the weapon. A gifted mage, he was able to assume a high position on the new Watcher's Council. His knowledge was second to none. His own career was legendary. He extended his right hand while muttering a silent spell in Latin. Something wasn't quite right here. Something was out of place.

There was a woman nearby. He could tell she was out of place. He had no idea who she was but her whole aura was dark. “Whoever you are, I would advise a change in careers. This one is a rather poor choice.” He spoke knowing she'd hear him. He was likely to have to engage in fisticuffs with her, but the fact he had a glowing right hand hopefully would mean something to her.
"Sometimes the most adult thing you can do is ask for help when you need it."
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