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March 21st, 2024

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 34
Sign: Aries
Country: United States

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June 02, 2021


02/20/2024 07:17 PM 


"Folks! Get ready for another Wrestlemania!
Another year 2024, is going to be the year 
of Johnny Gargano MR. Auf the it superstar
of AUF the king of Raw Zone that's me!
AUF is all about me! I am the best superstar
on the roster and i should be intercontinental champion
again! And i plan on becoming champion again! I hate
Eric Paisano he stole my championship! He stole everything
from me! Everything he accomplished i should of been
the man! But no Eric was given everything how could
he stole everything from me! He a liar and he a hypocrite!
A hypocrite that man has no heart! Unlike me who is nice
and very grateful he is the one that jealous of me! He
always envy me, Eric all i tried to be is a good friend and
a good brother in law but you pushed me away, your ego
got the best of you and you let your ego come between our
friendship i was always the good friend but you let that ego
of yours get out of control."

"Yeah i should be the intercontinental champion now
not Eric! he so selfish he only cares about himself he
don't care about nobody else i saw his true colors,
i saw it he just a liar he only cares about himself
he does it for the money his ego is out of control!"

"Is just all about Eric, Eric this Eric that what a actor he is
what a wrestler those fans are blind by this he just liar!
Liar! I want to open the fans eyes that Eric is misleading you
all i am a great role model to the AUF universe i am Mr. AUF
the first man to win the New Gen title, and New Gen north and tag
titles which man ever done that only me i was the first then it was
Adam Cole the first two but i was first and always will be the first man."

Johnny shakes his head 

"It annoys me that Eric has all this accomplishments while i had to
sit back and watch him shine taking my opportunities and many keep
saying i was jealous and bitter? I was not he stole them from me! He sneaky
and he lied to me he told me Johnny you should be the top guy, then he goes behind
my back and stole my world title match! He stole it i am not a liar!" nods his head

"I never lie!" smiled as he breaks in laughter

"Really? Okay i am going to be honest the AUF universe is jealous of me,
even Eric is envious of me, i even started to think i was speaking the truth wow,
Eric just a little b-tch that all he is i don't like him i slap his face and spit on him!
I don't like him, he did stole my opportunities he so selfish and arrogant  he is so overrated i hate him! I hate Eric Paisano!."

"I always have and always will ever since he came to AUF i hated him,
why people wanna know why i hate Eric Paisano so much because he took my
goals things i wanted, my stepfather always talked about him how great Eric is
how Eric is a future world champion, what about me! What about me! I am a world
champion, time i stop this i am going to take back my intercontinental championship back and beat that phony Eric!"

"Eric! I hope you are listening well to this at Wrestlemania,
i am going to take that intercontinental championship back
i am going to crush you at Wrestlemania! I am going to slap
you like the b-tch you are. See you at Wrestlemania
Johnny nods his head as he turned away and walks off.
ending the promo.


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