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02/20/2024 02:51 PM 

The Purge

The Purge
attn: Jason Blossom and Klaus Mikaelson

He still couldn't believe the stroke of luck he'd had in coming across Jason Blossom like he did was more perfect than he could have imagined. The confusion from being resurrected from the dead was clearly evident on the younger man's face. Hiram wasn't without compassion for the boy who could have been his own son. He couldn’t be blamed if this boy was one of the heirs to the Blossom Fortune. He told himself he was helping out a boy who needed him.

Jason mentioned wanting to see a doctor. Hiram didn't bristle at that in the slightest. “Of course.” He assured the boy. He did have his most trusted operatives outside the hotel in order to keep any monsters from coming after him. His own contacts had already warned him that Klaus Mikaelson was verbally threatening him at the Salvatore School. One had to be proactive especially when it came to a notorious monster like the Original Hybrid. A knock came to Jason's door. Hiram motioned for the boy to sit down. “Let me handle this.” He wanted to show the concern he had for Jason.

Hiram opened the door to see a hotel employee with a rolling cart with several covered dishes on it. “Ah yes. Do come in!” This was a young man not too much older than Jason himself. He was wearing the uniform of the hotel. He pushed the cart into the middle of the room. Hiram spoke to the young blonde man. “Thank you. That will be all.” He knew that this cart was strictly legit. There was nothing on it that was meant to hurt Jason. There were no listening devices either, at least not on the cart. There were others in hidden places in the room. There were tiny video cameras by the front door and by the bed in the room. The bathroom was free of bugs and cameras. There were some things Hiram did not want to see.

“Alright Jason. I'll leave you to eat if you want, but rest please. I'll go make arrangements for a doctor. I might be able to find one that would make a house call.” Given the amount of loyal employees he had under him at Triad, he was certain he could find someone to come to see Jason. His cell phone sounded off from inside his coat pocket. There was a message in his texts.

Klaus Mikaelson confirmed at the Salvatore School by feet on the ground. He is mowing through anyone who opposes him while threatening you.

Hiram smirked. Getting under Mikaelson's skin was working perfectly. He locked the screen on his phone before looking back to Jason. “If you need anything else, don't hesitate to call the concierge. They will get you anything you need including me.” He flashed his white teeth in a predatory smile before heading toward the door.

Once in the hallway, he dialed a number. He was walking down the hall putting space between him and the door to Jason's room. A woman answered on the other end. “Quiero que envíen más cazadores libres a la Escuela Salvatore. No me importa cuántos. Tráeme las cenizas de Klaus Mikaelson esta noche o estarás despedido.” :: Translation:: “I want more free hunters sent to the Salvatore School. I don't care how many. Get me the ashes of Klaus Mikaelson tonight or you're all fired.”

Not once during the entire conversation did he lose his temper. He kept cool the entire time without getting angry. His tone was calm and chillingly deadly. He knew what he wanted and was going to get it no matter what was said or done. He was Hiram Lodge. He would not be denied…not this time.

credit: james kriet


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