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02/11/2024 05:15 PM 

A Trail of Broken Hearts

You know your lungs are burning. I can feel the panic in your soul. All you want is for this to end.
Valentine’s Day
A trail of Broken Hearts

February had rolled around yet again, and with it…Valentine’s Day. God, how I hated that holiday. When it came down to it, I hated it very nearly as much as I hated people. Valentine’s Day meant that couples would be fawning over each other, and to put it bluntly, it disgusted me to no end. And today I found myself in the midst of it…in the main lobby of the Plaza hotel. Women carrying bouquets of roses, carnations, or flowers of any kind.

But I decided I was going to test this a bit.

I glanced over to a couple at least fifty yards away and focused on the man. “Remove your arm from her, and tell her you don’t love her anymore.”

The man complied without question, leaving the woman in tears. Not five minutes later, the woman had stormed out through the main doors. I then focused my attention on a couple sitting at the bar. I told the woman to throw a glass of wine on her husband. This then had a rippling effect. Soon the hotel lobby had a cascading effect, and now it was time to make my exit.

I left the hotel and with every couple I came across that were fawning over themselves, I did the same, leaving a trail of broken hearts where I went. Who was to say love was strong enough to overcome the control that I exerted over these couples. I had yet to come across a couple who outwardly could resist these powers, and that in itself intrigued me to no end. I had to find a couple like that, and do all I could to break them.




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