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Gender: Male
Age: 119
Sign: Capricorn
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February 09, 2024


02/10/2024 12:01 PM 


Rules & Disclaimer
1. I am not David Tennant.  Nor do I have any affiliation with Marvel Comics.  

2. I have been writing Kilgrave off and on for three to four years, and I play him more MCU than in the comics...bacically since I rarely have access to the comics, so yes he is a bit canon divergent.  

3. Literacy: Since I assume we are all out of high school, I am going to safely assume we have a likewise reading and comprehension level, so we don't need to use text speak.  

4. Discussions I prefer these over random starters.  But I will not refuse a random starter, but please be sure to give me something that I can respond to.  Writing collaberation is a two way street.  

5. This is a big one.  Drama....keep it away from me.  We are all adults here, or I assume we are.  Act like it, or you can find yourself on a fast track off my page. 

I will add to these as need be, there is no need to sign, but just please let me know some way or another that they have been read.  


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