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02/10/2024 11:36 PM 

Father of mine: Cassie Howard character study.


Few people know it, but the Howard family home exists in a multiuniverse of sorts.


There's before the fighting. Before Cassie's mom and dad couldn't get along. Before the cheating accusations.

This is the best universe. It's a place of unicorns, and dreams. Everything still feels possible.


There's before the accident, before the pills. Before the end.

This place isn't as good, but it's still better than the last.


The final universe is reality. It's a heavy place that Cassie has been trying to hide from, for so long. It's the place where she feels that hole in the pit of her stomach-- The one that is gradually coming to terms every day with the idea that she may never see her father again. It's the place that she recognizes the problem in her mother, sprawled on the couch again after another night of drinking. It's the place where she recognizes the problem in herself, that maybe she's heading towards a place that this universe will never be escapable. It's the place where she wonders if in twenty years or so, she'll be the one lying on that couch, passed out after drinking all day.


She's not worried about Lexi. Her sister is as resilient as she is smart-- It's almost as infuriating to her as it is admirable. She wishes she possessed the strength that her younger sister does.


This can't be her final universe. Cassie won't let it be. She may have to fight, she may have to go places she never saw herself going before, but it would be worth it, wouldn't it? For the prospect of a better future than the one she saw herself spiraling towards now.


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