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12 days of Christmas celebrations

Porcelain Doll
Setting: December 23rd, 2040
Her younger sister Ashlynn's wedding was only two days away, Christmas day was also two days away and Alex had been five months pregnant with her second child. She couldn't believe how much had changed in her life over the last two years. David had proposed to her after two years of dating and of course she accepted his proposal, due to how diligent she was with her planning they had married in a grand ceremony about a month later. She knew what she wanted and she didn't hesitate to go for it, it was how she had been raised. And also because she was the oldest. Her younger sister Ashlynn had spent three years engaged before the wedding had finally all come together.

But even with two days left, Alex was still helping coordinate and host the Wish Upon a Star's twelve days of Christmas celebrations. A charity that had grown to be rather famous in the town of Storybrooke. Each year the event would grow and crowds of more people would be in attendance, coming together to celebrate the holiday season. The holiday events would always begin on the fourteenth of December and last all the way until Christmas day. However due to the special occasion that was already taking place on Christmas day, Alex had moved up the events and started them two days early. That way it would end on the twenty-third of December, then she would spend Christmas Eve with her family and the wedding the next day.

Since it was the last day of the holiday events, the morning had started with a gift exchange / gift donation for those who desired to give to those who truly required it especially during the holiday season. Following the first event, everyone would come together for the grandest Christmas lunch that anyone had ever seen. Along with the lunch, each of the twelve days Alex would bake a special treat for everyone to indulge in. As it was the last day of the twelve days, the special treat that she would be serving was brioche bread pudding with a bourbon-caramel sauce. Following the lunch, the evening would come to a close with the final celebration ball which would be hosted by Alex at her own house. Typically the years prior, the Sorcerer's Mansion was the place where all twelve of the balls would be hosted but this year was different.

There had been eleven volunteers in total who had offered to host one of the evening balls in their ballroom at their house. The final night of the twelve days of Christmas celebrations, she would be hosting the ball in her ballroom. Which sounded like much more work then it was before, but she was always up for the challenge. The sound of her child's voice had pulled her focus away from her thoughts as her eldest son Sean called out mom again. Alex turned her attention over to the table he was standing out, collecting gifts from those who wanted to donate. He was ten years old and appeared to be done with standing for as long as he had been. But with a quick ruffle of his hair she assured him that it would be over soon and he'd get to rest, eat and enjoy his afternoon.

“When is dad getting here?” Sean complained, his tone full of boredom as he quickly forced a grin on his face when another adult walked over to drop off a toy that needed to be wrapped. He gave a small nod to acknowledge the person before they walked away. Grabbing the item and placing it on the table next to him, this was a gift wrapping station which Mari was in charge of.

“Your dad, aunt's and uncle's are working on cooking lunch for everyone. There is a lot of food that has to be made and it must be ready when this part of the event is finished.” Alex explained to her son what seemed like the hundredth time, knowing that he meant well but he was still only ten years old.

Mari was a few years older than he was and she enjoyed helping out her stepmom especially when it came to these Christmas celebrations. It took a lot of time, energy, hard work, sweat and tears to make everything go smoothly. And it was much easier when the other volunteers actually wanted to assist. She had informed Sean that morning that he could stay behind and help out in the kitchen back at their home but he insisted on going with her. Perhaps she should've made him stay behind. The vibrations from her phone buzzing in her back pocket, her attention was being pulled in every direction but she was a bit of a control freak and could easily handle whatever it was.

Retrieving her phone, her eyes reading over the message from her sister Ashlynn. Or the group message that Alex was in with all of her siblings. This year their parents would finally be able to make the journey from their castle back to Storybrooke. The two years prior to this, there were terrible storms which had kept a vast majority of the royals in their castle's and away from the celebrations. Luckily, this year the snow that had been predicted wasn't that bad. Her parents were supposed to have arrived when the events started almost eleven days ago but were late due to unforeseen circumstances. Her younger brother Liam had been crowned about a year prior and their parents were helping him learn how to be an incredible ruler. But even with a castle to rule over, her parents, brother and his wife would be making the journey to town.

The last few hours had passed and the gift event was coming to a close, which meant it was time to move the party over to Granny's diner which had been magically spelled to appear four times larger on the inside to accommodate all of the people who would be coming to enjoy the celebration feast. She had texted David before they had left town hall, her, Sean and Mari were in the vehicle and on their way to Granny's. David, as always, messaged her back reassuring her that everything was already ready to go and set up at the diner just waiting for her final inspection. When they arrived at the diner, Sean and Mari didn't hesitate as they ran ahead of their mom to go and greet their dad. The older blonde entered the diner next, immediately blue irises drifted over to where everything was arranged and seemingly ready to go.

After she inspected each and every dish to ensure that it was perfect, she walked over to the front door and with excitement she welcomed each and every family that entered the diner. Within the first thirty minutes, the entire place was packed with more people she had seen in quite some time. As the guests began to serve themselves, it wasn't long before everyone was enjoying their meals surrounded by their families. Her siblings were also scattered around the diner. Liam and his wife were traveling with their parents, Ashlynn and Hunter were snuggled away in a booth just being adorable. Thea would have enjoyed herself if she came, but after she had been banished five years ago, things weren't exactly the same as they used to be.

Daniel was just roaming from table to table, greeting some of his old friends and making new friends just as easily. He was very charming, much like their father had been. Crystal was a senior in college and was going to graduate in June of next year, she had also been making her rounds around the diner before she settled at a table with some of her friends from college. Alex was seated in a booth, her husband David in the seat next to her. Marina was across from them, and Sean was seated next to her. The quaint but very happy family of four. With another one on the way. The four of them were their own mixed family and she was beyond blessed for everything she had in her life so far.

“Another successful year of events, all thanks to that brilliant mind of yours.” David's tone was filled to the brim with pride as he pressed a quick kiss to the side of Alex's cheek. The children both shaking their head in response to displays of public affection shown by their parents.

“Excuse me, we or well I also helped.” Sean interjected with a small huff before returning back to the plate he was practically inhaling which brought a smile to Alex's lips.

“Barely.” Marina admitted with a smirk on the corners of her lips, which caused Sean to give her a look. She brushed it off and went back to the conversation on her phone which was obviously more important. Sean was only ten and video games were his thing right now, Marina was a few years older and a teenager so texting was her thing.

“Alright you two.” Alex scolded both of them very lightly and they both replied with a sorry before going back to what they were doing before. “Do you both have outfits for tonight's ball?” The older blonde questioned them knowing that they loved to procrastinate especially when it came to these types of events. Both of the children nodded, suddenly being reminded that Alex didn't really have much options for gowns herself. She was five months pregnant and most of her gowns were made for her when she wasn't pregnant. “Come to think of it, when this lunch is over I need to pop out and go look for a gown for myself.”

“Actually that's already taken care of.” David replied with a wide grin placed onto his lips. “I sort of found one that I think would look absolutely lovely on you, then I had it altered.” he admitted before giving her hand a squeeze, he had been secretly holding it under the table not wanting to give their children another reason to roll their eyes.

“Did I ever mention how much I love you?” Alex asked with a smile on her features, she cherished the fact that he always seemed to be one step ahead of her no matter what the situation was.

“Only a few hundred times.” He responded and gave her hand another small squeeze. “I knew you'd be busy with planning all these events and wanted to help you without getting in the way so I figured buying your gown for tonight would be easy enough. And I even brought Marina with me. She approved of it before I paid for it.”

“Oh, so you two were working together?” Alex let out a small chuckle, before Sean came up for air from eating his food.

“When did this happen?” He questioned, an almost hurt look fell onto his features.

“A week ago.” Marina answered merrily but barely even looked up from her phone.

“Sean, trust me, you wouldn't have wanted to go dress shopping anyways.” David confessed and from the look on his face alone, Sean silently agreed and went back to his plate before he finished his food. Sliding out to go get another one.
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