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Gender: Female
Age: 27
Sign: Pisces
Country: Afghanistan

Signup Date:
December 06, 2023


12/06/2023 06:51 PM 


Age: 19 
Height: 5'5"
Occupation:  None
Likes: Talking, Skating, Baking, planning outfits, 
Dislikes: Fighting, Arguements, Small Spaces
Favorite Snack: Cupcakes
Favorite color: Black
Personality:Though Ariel has a tough exterior she is the calmest and kindest of the group. She would do whatever she could to make sure everyone was happy. Even though she is always busy looking after her older friends making her look like she is just as big of a trouble maker she tends to need time to reflect quite a bit. She does have a temper and when things get to tough she is prone to having outbursts of anger and rage saying things she will often apologize for later. 


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