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Gender: Female
Age: 33
Sign: Aquarius
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May 14, 2022


12/03/2023 01:01 PM 

Would You Rather?

Would you rather have your ears turn into elf ears or have a Santa beard forever? Elf Ears
2. Would you rather spend Christmas alone or spend Christmas with a stranger? Alone
3. Would you rather live in a gingerbread house or ride on the Polar Express? Gingerbread House
4. Would you rather have a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past or the Ghost of Christmas Future? Future
5. Would you rather speak only in Christmas song lyrics or Christmas movie catchphrases? Christmas Song
6. Would you rather be in charge of eight flying reindeer or a village full of elves?  Eight Flying Reindeer
7. Would you rather be able to climb down chimneys or travel at the speed of light? Travel at the speed of light 
8. Would you rather receive 20 small presents or 1 big gift? 1 big gift
9. Would you rather never eat candy canes again or never eat Christmas cookies again? Candy canes
10. Would you rather have your toilet play “Jingle Bells” or “Oh Holy Night” every time you flush? Jingle Bella
11. Would you rather have a Christmas tree that decorates itself or gifts that wrap themselves? Christmas tree that decorates itself 
12. Would you rather spend Christmas with Frosty the Snowman or Olaf from “Frozen”? Olaf
13. Would you rather eat mashed potatoes with chocolate sauce or turkey with candy cane gravy? Mashed potatoes with chocolate sauce 
14. Would you rather smell like peppermint always or smell like cinnamon always? Cinnamon
15. Would you rather get food poisoning on Christmas or have to drink eggnog until you puke? Drink eggnog
16. Would you rather accidentally tell a child Santa was not real or have to watch a Christmas marriage proposal get rejected? Have to watch a Christmas marriage proposal get rejected


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