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10/31/2023 12:57 PM 

FreakShowTour- DWJ Edition Nikki Misery
Category: Stories

Who: Johnny Christ, Nikki Misery

What: Drinks With Johnny Podcast


Where: Bunghole Liquors Salem, Massachusetts


When: October 31st 2023 


Why: To catch up and discuss tours and tonight's gig.


JC: Hello and welcome to an extra special Halloween edition of Drinks With Johnny. I am currently live on location from Bunghole Liquors in Salem Massachusetts. With a name like that I just knew I had to be here, plus whats more spooky and f***ed up then an old funeral home turned bar. After the era of Prohibition which finally ended in 1933 the owner disposed of the bodies and chose a liquor license instead. By definition, a bunghole is a hole that is made in a barrel to release its contents. Anyways back to the topic at hand. 


Tonight I am joined by a very special guest and one of my homies. That's right folks as promised we have none other than Nikki Misery guitarist of Blacklisted Me. Sup man? Thanks for stopping by. 


Nikki: Not much man you know keeping the Gothic Rock train alive. Got a wicked set up here so thanks for bringing me.


JC: So I'm just going to cut to the chase and say why we are both out here in  Massachusetts. Dawns of Chernobyl has asked us to be guest performers and tour mates for the FreakShow Tour this year.  


So before we dive in more, I just wanted to say it's really good to be hanging and having some refreshments. 


*Hands over a bottle of water and a red bull* 


Nikki: Yeah man it's been a minute. I heard you and the girls did a bit of sightseeing yesterday?  How much bail did y'all need? 


JC: Yeah it was a ton of fun, we hit up downtown and caught some of the local attractions and stories. Haha for once we were on our best behavior. 


*Gives a smirk* 


Nikki: I find that hard to believe but go on let's get to those questions that I'm sure you have. 


JC: I guess I am more predictable with you than I thought but let's dive in. 


Nikki and JC Q and A's 


JC: Seeing as it is Halloween and all, what is your favorite movie and or past time?



 I. Man, asking me to pick my favorite movie is difficult! Mostly because there are so many that I can find to be masterpieces. But if you have to have me choose something specific, it would either have to be Beetlejuice or The Haunted Mansion. Those are ultimate classics and never get old. Lexus could tell you the same thing. She loves the really slashy horror. I’m big about it too but there’s something about those really low quality b-movie era type things, you know?


JC:  Can't go wrong with a Michael Keton movie, and of course a nod to Winona Ryder as Lydia. It's a perfect pair. Lexus has pretty good taste in her slashers I will admit that. For sure. 


JC: Salem,MA is said to be the home of witch trials. Have you ever experienced a presence or been to the museum? 



II. Salem is one of those places that you have to go to, just for the sake of proper experience. Whether you go to a museum or simply walk around the notorious areas, you’re bound to find something that’ll give you a story to tell when you get back home. Trust me — it’s something you want to try at least once in your life if you’re into that sort of thing.


*pauses for a few minutes to take more water and scratch nose* 


JC: Some of our listeners may not be aware. You and I actually have known each other since 2006, when we toured for the Cities Of Evil. What has been your favorite memory to come out of it? 



III. It’s crazy when I think about that! Because it truly was so long ago. But we’ve all learned so much from those days alone. Kind of like stepping stones, you know what I mean? Builds you up for the ultimate tests later on. Playing for arenas, playing for big bands with their eyes on you, opening for wrestling championships. I could go on and on about it, but it always stems back to the younger days when we had no idea what was going to happen to ourselves.


JC: With the new single out how has the feedback been,and what has been your favorite part of it? 



IV. People have been going INSANE over “Vampire”. It was the same type of reaction as we had received when "Hurts Like Hell” came out last year. So many of our fans got on the bandwagon of listening and sharing it around. Voting for it on Octane, all that fun stuff! But if anything, I’d say I loved working on the music video for it. Creating something new is incredibly rewarding, but the anticipation that the fan go through is what makes it all worthwhile. They await the new eras of bands constantly, so it’s safe to say that everyone is going to be beyond stoked when this new album drops. The theme is all fitting and it’ll all make perfect sense.


*pauses again to fix audio delay* 


JC:  Recently you guys got to premiere the single Vampyre for WWE NXT. You know how much of a Wrestling fan I am so you guys kicked ass. 



V. Thanks man! So glad you enjoyed it! I’ve seen a lot of the episodes you’ve done with wrestling and they’re pretty great! It’s really getting you out there!


JC: Anytime dude. It's definitely one of my favorites so far.  Thanks, I truly appreciate that coming from you. I got to say when I interviewed Bret Hart's daughter Beans  a while back I was shaking in my chucks. 


JC: Not only are you all special guests for our good friend Isabel, but our buddy Spencer of Ice Nine Kills is bringing you guys on tour. Do you mind speaking briefly on that?



VI. Spencer is one of those guys that is killer to work with, no pun intended. He’s really innovative and always comes up with the best methods to make horror work with music. Theatrical performances are really what sell it these days. Their band is dedicated to keeping that theme for their stuff and it’s clear that it’s helping them out, compared to when they were just starting out as a band. Playing on this tour with them is going to be something that’ll feel like a gift. We’ve always gotten along great with all of those guys and it’ll be like a huge family vacation.


JC: Okay before we wrap it up I have one last question. For our listeners who may not be familiar yet where can we find you and the band? 



VII. We’re easy to find! You can always find me at @NikkiMisery on all platforms, and then you can find Lexus at @LexusAmanda, and then our band at @BlacklistedMe!

*Gives peace signs and metal hands* 

JC: Well it's been a real slice but we gotta get back to the venue for tonight's gig. Until next time, as always, cheers and Happy Halloween.



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