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Gender: Female
Age: 33
Sign: Aquarius
Signup Date:
May 14, 2022


12/02/2023 11:57 PM 

Christmas Wishlist

1. Starbucks Gift Cards- Carleigh loves Starbucks coffee, and with the late nights studying, she will need some fuel.

2. Books- She has always loved books, as it was a way to escape her real life and imagine circumstances were different.

3. Family Time- With becoming an Auntie, Carleigh wants more family time with Cooper and Amabelle.

4. Seattle Kraken Merch- Even though she can get merch whenever she wants, it is nice to be surprised with Kraken Hockey stuff.

5. New Kids on The Block Tickets- Being from Boston, she grew up loving NKOTB, especially Jordan. Even though they aren't coming to Seattle, Carleigh is willing to travel.

6. Guinea Pig- Carleigh wants a pet, but is too busy and not home enough for a dog, plus she doesn't have the means to care for one. Guinea Pigs are self sufficient and don't cost as much. 


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