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Gender: Male
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Age: 19
Sign: Gemini
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November 21, 2023


12/01/2023 03:12 PM 

Understanding the Life of Jake (please read this)
Category: Character Info

So for starters, my names Jake, but I'm sure that was already obvious. 
-My character is 19 years old, but I am older than 19 irl, so if you're underage irl, please don't add me. and if your character is underage, there will be no spicy interactions between our characters. 
-I am a cis straight male, but this is a LGBTQ+ friendly space. What matters the most to me is if you're a good person. 
-If you're an OG from Myspace back in the day, hmu. I had some solid af friends on there, and not only would I love to see if I can find some of them, I'd like to meet more people that were around back then! I started on Myspace in 06, I had a couple different names, but Jake Tyler was one of them! (If you used to RP a girl name Brie Fraser, i have been forever looking for my marshmallow stealing partner in crime since then. her username was babyylovinn or something similar to that, spelling is probably off. I'm sure I wont find her at all as she's probably moved on from being on RP) 
-I work full time irl so there may be some days I'm not on as much. I do have a pretty set schedule, so unless I take some OT, my days off are the same. I do try to check and hit replies every day tho, but there may be times that I don't and I'm sorry about that, don't take it personally. If I'm at work and I get on to pass time or hit replies, I wont reply to, or engage in, anything nsfw. Time and place, and my work place is neither. I generally work Wednesday to Saturday, so unless I've taken some time off, or it's a holiday, those are days I wont be on much. 
-If I'm hanging out with friends or family irl, I probably wont be on. 
-My character, just like my fc Ryan Sheckler, lives in California. the RL Jake lives in the New England part of the east coast, So I run on Eastern Standard Time. I generally go to bed between 1-2 AM, so unless I have nothing going on the next morning, I will usually be getting offline at about midnight. Sometimes I will switch to my phone to hit replies, but don't be offended if I fall asleep anytime after that.  replies on my phone will probably be slow af. 
-I tend to be online more in the winter than in the summer. I enjoy spending a lot of time outside, and once the weather gets warm and I can do more stuff outside, I will be. There are a few winter  activities I enjoy. I play hockey once a week, and will ocasionally go outside to even play some pond hockey once the lake freezes. I also like to go snowboarding, so there will be times in the winter that I will be away doing those things on my days off. I do try my best to be open about when I'm going to be busy, and will probably update it in my status so everybody knows. 
-one of the biggest things my character has in common with the rl Jake, is that neither one of us jumps into relationships. I like to take my time to get to know a girl, figure out what she's all about and if our personalities click together before we move on to dating. All the cheesy stuff like that. I might play around and party, but I am truly a romantic at heart. 
-Hookups are cool and all, but I'm not always down for them, consent from both parties is just as important on here as it is irl. There's more to this world of RP than just sex. If I'm not feeling it, and you continue, I will be done with the conversation. and if you want to do weird sh*t, please make sure we're both comfortable with it. don't just pull it out of nowhere because I will nope so fast. haha if either one of us is not feeling the spicy moment, I am more than willing to take a pause and find something else to do. I expect that same respect. 
-On the topic of hookups, just because we hookup, it doesn't mean we are in a relationship, or that we will end up in one. 
-don't use sex to try to manipulate me into a relationship with you. (I shouldn't have to say this, but it's happened before)
-At the moment, I do not want kids. Having kids will be a discussion, and a plan, with whoever I am dating. While I understand that things can happen irl, and kids can be a surprise, this is RP, and I will not have a kid get sprung on me from a hookup. That is just unnecessary drama. coming on here is a hobby and a way to take a pause from RL. there is no need for any undisscussed drama. Just assume that every precaution is taken to not have unplanned kids. Anybody that tries to pull that pregnancy card, and cause issues out of it, will get blocked.  Look at RP like playing unmodded sims, you can choose to woohoo, or you can choose to try for a baby,. 
-If you have more than one account, that's cool, do your thing, but plase dont try to f*** around with me with multiple accounts. that's not cool, and writing styles stand out, so I'll figure it out eventually, and that's where our conversations will end. I did the multiple account thing back in the myspace days, so I don't judge, but these days I have, and will only have, one account. 
-I try my best to be fairly literate. I get typos and forgotten punctuation/capitalization happens, I do it all the time especially if I'm typing on my laptop, but please do your best to do the same. Sh*tty writing is sh*tty writing, and its kind of a turn off.   (I get english isn't always a first language, but that's a different story) 
-I usually have a tab open whenever I'm on my laptop, so it might say I'm online even if I'm doing other things, so if I dont reply right off, I might not be paying attention to this site. I usually play video games, or do stuff around the house when I'm online. I do try my best to reply quickly, but sometimes I just forget or I space out on other things. I have ADHD, so sometimes I hyperfocus on other things and forget I'm here. 
-Real life comes before RP. Always. RP is cool, and I've made some great friends on here, past to present. but my RL comes first. 
-Unless we are super close, and I've known you for a while, I do not mix rl with rp. any talking will stay on this site unless stated otherwise. 
-I saved the most important part for last. I am a volunteer Firefighter irl, I run both fire and medical calls. there will be times where I will have to up and leave without any warning. I do not have time to tell you I have to leave when I'm leaving to respond to an emergency. If i up and leave mid conversation, there is a good chance that I had to run out to respond to a call. Don't get offended or upset. If i am at home, I am on call, and I respond to everything I can. I love what I do, and I love that I can give back to members of my community, as well as other communities, in times they need it the most. 

Sorry this was kind of long, but I needed a place to put all of these things that wasn't on my direct profile, so if you read this, thank you so much! If you've read this, do leave a comment so I know! 



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Cᵤₜᵢₑ ₚᵢₑ Qᵤᵢₙₙ


Dec 18th 2023 - 10:39 PM

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Read and understood Jakers 😊

Cassie & Cole & Novalee (T&L Sam)


Dec 4th 2023 - 3:51 PM

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Dec 2nd 2023 - 3:25 AM

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