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Runaway. 1x1 with FullMoonFever

Bubblegum / @shakeitoff

It was supposed to be a mutant paradise. To be separated from the rest of the world and living in their own part of the world didn't feel right to her. Jubilation Lee was not new to the notion of moving. Her parents moved to the US from Hong Kong. They were murdered right about the time that she found out that she was a living firecracker, for want of a better word. Jubilee the Olympic level Gymnast became Jubilee the dirty mutant. It was a fall from grace she'd never expected.

The next two years with the X-Men were as bumpy a ride as could be expected. She had Logan the Wolverine looking after her and protecting her like a dad. She had Rogue and Gambit also looking after her like godparents. She was a kid and should have been in an orphanage by all rights and reason. She would have been if she wasn't a mutant. Instead she was just one of the kids at the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. Jubilee was safe.

It was practically the middle of the night when she along with many of the other kids were packed up and sent to the island nation of Krakoa. Jubilee had no say in the matter. She just went because she was under age. Now 16, she was not exactly happy either. Jubilee missed the chance to go shopping with her friends or watch a movie. She had plenty of problems controlling her powers in the beginning, but now she was getting better at it. She thought that the whole idea that mutants should live apart from humans was nonsense. Hadn't it been part of Xavier's dream that mutant and human live side by side? Jubilee wanted to leave and badly. It was time to plot to run away… again.

It was an odd conversation she had had with Anna that had actually made her think that this was actually possible. To leave Krakoa was actually going to happen. Jubilee was anxious for the whole day before. She'd normally tell Logan about something like this but if Logan found out she was going to go back to New York, he wouldn't let her go. She was sure of that. So Jubilee kept quiet.

Anna and Remy were leaving. They had arrangements to get out of here and go back to the US. Anna had intervened on her behalf and was able to get them to include Jubilee too. Jubilee starte packing on the sly so no one would notice. No one did notice except for Logan. “Somethin’ up with you kid?” He asked while checking on her.

“Nah. I'm fine.” She played it off like nothing on earth was going to be different at all within the next 24 hours when she knew everything was going to be different.

Logan could sniff out a lie from Jubilee without even breaking a sweat. Why was the kid at this point where she felt she couldn't tell the truth? He grunted at her and left her for now. He was going to stake out her place. She didn't want to tell him, he would find out on his own.


Jubilee was fully dressed and ready to go when the men showed up. They were all dressed in black and they moved quickly. They started carrying her things toward the hidden harbor where the boat was waiting. She was being ushered out by these men who were ordered to protect her at any cost. She hated to leave like this. Logan would understand, right?

Sounds of a scuffle came from just behind her. Logan was fighting with some of the men and getting his butt kicked as he was trying to catch up to her. “LOGAN! STOP!” She hissed at him. “I'm leaving. OK? Just let me go!”

Logan stopped when Jubilee called to him. He noticed that her hands were starting to crackle like fireworks about to explode. “Alright Jubilee. But didn't you see the clan markings on these men? They're the Hand!”

“I don't care.” She spoke softly. “They are taking me out of here. If you stop me, I'll never forgive you!” Her teeth were clenched and tears were running down her face. This was not like her at all. It was just the degree of unhappiness she felt and the loneliness drove her to this point. The girl had tried to make her way here but just couldn't. She had to be free.

Returning his claws to inside his body , Logan stood there for a moment. The look in Jubilee's eyes broke his heart. He couldn’t blame the kid. She was born a rich kid and her lifestyle was do different from all that right now. She was suffocating. He said nothing. His eyes turned away from hers and his body shifted. He disappeared from the thick inky Krakoan night.

Three days later
Chinatown, NY, USA

There was an apartment in Chinatown waiting for her thanks to the mysterious benefactor that helped her escape Krakoa. Jubilee did not want to even consider what it would cost to rent this place out right. The whole notion scared her if one had to be honest.

It took a day to get here and she spent a day hidden away here just exploring the apartment. Now it was time to explore the neighborhood. She didn't care if it was the Hand who rescued her from Krakoa. She was actually free.

She wore a simple white jacket, a yellow striped shirt that had a retro feel to it, along with blue jeans and comfortable sneakers. Jubilee was anxious just to be normal even for a little while. She began to head in the direction of the big statue of Confucius in the park. It was late fall, so she was surprised to see a group of people starting to gather there.

There were murmurings in the park among the crowd both in English and in Chinese. Fortunately she'd learned Chinese even from the time she was a baby when her parents were alive.

“Zuó wǎn yǒu wǔ míng nánzǐ sǐwáng.”
[Five men died last night.]

“Èmó zài mǎnyuè shí jiànglín.”
[The devil comes at the full moon]

“Wǎnshàng suǒ hǎo mén. Yuǎnlí guàiwù.”
[Lock your doors at night. Stay safe from the monsters.]

There was a group of 2 older men and 3 women in the center of this crowd that were handing out flyers to anyone who was walking by. One of the women took the opportunity to hand Jubilee a piece of paper. She looked at it carefully. There was a sketch of a werewolf on it. She thought nothing of it. She'd been around Rahne Sinclair and seen plenty of other wild looking mutants. This guy they were trying to warn her about was probably just a misunderstood mutant.

She was still looking at this paper when she started her journey again. She was looking for a bus to take her to East Broadway Mall. After all, this was one of the reasons she wanted to come back here from Krakoa right? She was waiting for now at the bus stop.

She did not see the Japanese wearing an all black business suit that was watching her. He pulled out his mobile device and dialed a number. A woman answered on the other end. “Moshi moshi.” [Hello]

“Hai, Tanaka desu.” [Yes this is Tanaka] He watched Jubilee climb onto the bus as it took off down the road. “Shōjo wa apāto o deteitta. Go chūmon wa nanidesu ka?” [The girl has left the apartment. What are your orders?]

The woman on the other end was Keiko Yoshida. She was the high-ranking member of the Hand that had orchestrated the extraction from Krakoa. “Chikaku ni ite. Kanojo ni anata ni awa senaide kudasai. Kanojo wa kiken'na myūtantodeari, watash itachi ni yakudatsu kanōsei ga arimasu.” [Stay close. Don't let her see you. She is a dangerous mutant who could be of some use to us.]

“Hai.” He disconnected the call and began a closer surveillance as he was ordered. He knew who this girl was. Not only did he know her status as a mutant, but he knew who her parents were. The Hand was far from finished with the last member of this Lee Family.
"If you disappoint me, I'm going rogue." -- Jubilation Lee
credit: james kriet


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