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"Nothing ever truly dies. We are all made of energy, and energy can neither be created nor destroyed."

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Mallory stood before Michael Langdon, the Antichrist, in the ethereal realm that existed beyond the confines of time and space. The aftermath of the apocalypse had led them to this place, a heavenly dimension where Mallory had harnessed her powers to navigate through the fabric of reality itself. As they gazed upon the celestial expanse, Mallory's eyes shimmered with determination, and Michael's with a blend of curiosity and trepidation.

A delicate, glowing thread manifested before them, suspended in the boundless realm. Mallory explained to Michael the rules of this heavenly journey—they had to hold onto the thread to remain connected to their intended destination. The thread would guide them through Michael's personalized version of heaven, constructed from the depths of his desires and fantasies. But the consequence of letting go was severe—they would be lost in the maze of heavenly illusions, forever trapped in a dreamscape of their own making.

As they ventured forth, Michael marveled at the utopian landscapes that unfolded before him. Fields of eternal sunlight, rivers of liquid gold, and skies painted with hues unseen by mortal eyes surrounded them. Michael's version of heaven was a testament to his twisted sense of beauty, a manifestation of his desire for absolute control.

However, in the midst of this paradise, Mallory felt a strange energy, a presence that transcended Michael's twisted creations. Sensing this anomaly, she followed an invisible force, leading her away from Michael's thread. Michael, unaware of Mallory's deviation, continued to explore his heavenly creation.

Mallory found herself in a secluded glade, where the air was filled with an otherworldly serenity. There, she encountered a figure bathed in radiant light—an angelic being with wings of purest white. The angel turned to face her, revealing a countenance that mirrored Mallory's own.

"Mallory," he spoke with a voice that echoed through the celestial expanse. His eyes, mirrors of Mallory's own, held an eternity of regret and love. "My child, I have yearned for this moment, watching over you from realms unknown."

Mallory, caught in a whirlwind of emotions, couldn't help but feel a mix of joy and sorrow at the sight of her long-lost father. Gabriel extended his arms, and Mallory willingly embraced him, tears of happiness streaming down her face. "I thought you were lost to me forever," she whispered.

Gabriel explained the forbidden love that had torn him away from Mallory and her mother, a powerful witch. The cosmic balance demanded their separation, and Gabriel had retreated to the celestial realms, haunted by the consequences of their union. He revealed that Mallory was the key, a force that could have prevented the apocalypse or unleashed it upon the world.

As father and daughter reunited, their conversation delved into the intricacies of fate, love, and the delicate dance between the mortal and celestial realms. Mallory's heart swelled with a mix of understanding and forgiveness as Gabriel shared the sacrifices he had made to protect her.

In the meantime, Michael Langdon, enraptured by the heavenly illusions, reveled in his version of utopia. As Mallory let go of the heavenly thread to embrace her father, Michael felt an abrupt disconnect, a jolt that shattered the seamless perfection of his paradise.

"Mallory!" he cried out, a guttural sound of despair echoing through his dreamscape. His eyes, once filled with the euphoria of his own creation, now betrayed a vulnerability he had never known. Love had crept into his heart, and it terrified him.

Back on Earth, Michael descended into chaos, his mind a tempest of anguish and desperation. The dream of heaven shattered, replaced by the harsh reality of loss. He, who had reveled in the ecstasy of power, now faced a darkness that mirrored the void in his soul.

Driven by a love he didn't understand, Michael vowed to find a way back to Mallory, even if it meant navigating the darkest corners of his own malevolence. The journey to reclaim Mallory and mend the tapestry of his fragmented heart had begun, and the celestial realms awaited the clash between the forces of light and the shadows that lingered within Michael Langdon's tortured soul.

(to be continued...
Will Michael find his way back to Mallory or will she be lost to Heaven before her time?
Michael will literally have to battle the forces of Heaven to return Mallory to her earthly realm with him.)


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