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11/20/2023 12:32 PM 

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Well let's not tarry, might as well jump straight into the rule, hmm? 

Ooc, you can call me Walt as well. Friendly Admin. Been around the block a time or two.

I get pretty busy and have ADHD, so if I don't answer immediately, that's why. Just send me a nudge after a few days.

I will not interact with minors. No need to elaborate further, it is a hard limit. MDNI

Walt is based off canon but will be divergent. I will be adding as I flesh out his own background.
One large deviation, my Walt is not married to Viktoria or Lucy. He currently has no brides and will stay that way until I find partners who do not mind being in a single-verse polyamorous relationship. If that is not your cup of tea, no hard feelings. The relationship is the one thing from canon I am holding on to. Can't be much of a Dracula without his brides :D

I do use the term bride loosely. Walt is bisexual and is willing to have at least one of his spouses be male. 

Hate of any kind will not be tolerated. I don't have time for that business.

Xover friendly, Just give me a little to work with.

More rules will be added if I feel a need for them arises. If you made it this far and still interested, Cheers.


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