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11/19/2023 12:45 PM 

Initiation’s over | Lost Boy x SPN sample


Initiation's Over

It hadn't been that long since Dean had joined the ranks of the Lost Boys. Go figure, Marko had pulled in another one. He really needed to stop that. He promised David this would be the last one. But there was a reason behind it. A good, solid, reason. Dean was a hunter. Marko hadn't realized that at first when the Winchester had rolled into town. But there had been a night when he had been spying on the guy and noticed his trunk was full of goodies.

That car. A 1967 Chevy Impala. V8 with a 275 ranked horsepower. It was f***ing pretty. Pretty enough to draw the small vampires attention as it had been cruising the streets of Santa Carla one night. It was more so the car than the guy that had drawn his attention at first.

Few knew that Marko had been a mechanic back in his human days. Cars like that easily drew his attention and he always wanted to get close to them. There was something to them that just made the kids blood sing. It made him perk up. Made his energy flare as he'd run towards those cars as if his body were moving with a mind of its own. That impulse had led him to spying on Dean one night, because he wanted to get closer to that damned car. He wanted to pop the hood and look at the beauty under it. To get into the nooks and cranies that people often ignored. The interior, exterior, the frame, everything. He wanted so badly to get closer, so he had gotten as close as he could manage at the time. That was when he realized it. A hunter. 

Naturally, Marko had slunk back into the shadows and tried his best to keep Dean from spotting him that night. He had fled back to his clan, back to Hudson's Bluff, to the safety of their home, no chances would be taken. If only it would've stayed that way with the distance between them. 

That night there had been an argument between all four of the brothers. Marko and Paul against David and Dwayne -- that was usually how it went down for them. Marko had breeched the subject of a hunter being in town. It wasn't about the car anymore. Now it was about the guy. It was about Marko wanting to kill him before Dean killed them. He actually coined it as turning him. But David was against the idea. He had every right to be. But Marko hit him with the 'Max said survive. SURVIVE! If we turn a hunter into a vampire, he could help us to survive against other hunters in the future!' The golden haired vampire had a point and it only caused his leader to snarl. It was sometimes a sign of defeat. A nonverbal way to say that Marko might be right. He knew better than to hold it over David's head but that hadn't stopped a cheshire's grin from streaking across his face. 

That night lead into a flurry of other nights over the coming few weeks as Marko continued to stalk Dean. His time was spent planning, calculating, putting puzzle pieces together. The vampire quickly learned that Dean was in town in order to find something; another monster. He was hunting. Doing the thing his kind was known for. It almost shocked Marko to find that the hunter was after a demon with yellow eyes. He had never heard of such a thing. . .he didn't care. 

All of that led up to the night that Marko and his brothers chose to go to a bar. The night when Marko finally placed his whiskey glass down on the cold hard mahogany and glanced at the bar tender. "Whiskey on the rocks." His request was handled in lesiure as the bartender attended to not only him, but the Winchester who constantly held his attention. 

"New in town?" It was a light question to break the ice as Marko toyed with his glass on the counter. Seemingly it had been rejected as the bartender chose to get him a new one. His question had made the male next to him pause. For a brief moment the kid almost didn't expect to get a reply. But it came in the form of a short 'yeah' while Dean drank from his own glass. Shoulders perking up slightly, Marko glanced to the side. "That your car out there? 1967 Chevy? I haven't seen it before." He was playing a card he didn't often play when he wanted information. It was the card of an almost completely innocent kid. "She's mine." "She's pretty." He'd reply quickly as his glass hit the counter top. "My dad used to have one. We used to take a lot of family trips in it! Beach, woods for camping, grand canyon, across country. But he vanished a few years back. I don't remember what took him out. It was a black whisp of smoke that shot through our house. . .and then he was gone." Again he was fiddling with his glass while looking down at the bar counter. By that point Marko had taken a seat on a bar stool and let his shoulders slouch; giving some body language into the fabricated lie he was spinning. "I know it sounds crazy but ---- " "Black smoke? Was it in this town?" Dean had cut him off before he could even finish his sentence. A small glint rippled through his eyes as Marko did his best to hide a smile. "Yeah. . . couple blocks from here in the suburbs." 

Hook. Line. Sinker. 

"He's mine." The thought would project itself across the bar to his clan leader. David had been watching them from a distance and rolled his eyes before turning his attention back to a little brunette that had latched herself to his arm all too tightly. "So do it already."  Was all Marko got back into his own mind. But he couldn't. Not that quickly. He had to be careful about this or he'd end up dead. 

From that point on into the later hours of the night, Marko and Dean had launched into a conversation over what Marko remembered about this thing that took his dad. If he wasn't so good at lying, he would've slipped up by that point and been figured out; but he wasn't bad at it. Apart of being a Lost Boy was knowing how to work people, how to manipulate them, how to get what you wanted. Marko had decades of experience under his belt. . . and the whiskey they were both drinking helped to. It helped when Marko had to take a pause, along with a sip of his drink, to recollect his thoughts. 

That simple talk had rolled over an hour or so later and taken a drastic turn. When Dean had figured out he'd been lying, he wasn't sure. By that point all Marko knew was that his body ached, there was blood gushing down both of their faces, and Marko was being thrown into a brick wall in the back ally now. It was a scuffle, a heavy hitting, all out, fight. It was the one major fight in his life where he realized that his smaller size wasn't going to play out in his favor. Even as he screamed out into the night and hissed when Dean picked him up and slammed him down onto the ground. "I'M GOING TO F***ING KILL YOU! I SWEAR TO MAXIMUS!" Maximus, Maxamillion, Maxwell; all variations of his father's name.  He screamed it to high heavens as their fight continued. Each of them circling one another after he was up again and wiping the blood from his mouth.

Pivot here, a pivot there, a punch, a kick, Marko's teeth chomping down and claws ripping into leather. Screams decorated the air as their blood covered the ground. Each of them circled the other like a wolf trying to land a kill.

Usually fighting humans was easy. But his pray usually wasn't skilled like this. Dean was different. Dean was difficult. He was talented, trained in the art of hunting and killing exactly what his opponent was. Marko was at a loss. It was obvious in how he was fighting. In how uncalculated his attacks were. His brothers knew him as a savage killer. But Dean was able to deflect almost all of his moves and yet not every single one.

This fight wasn't fun for him. He was tired of it. It was a bite to the neck that finally took the hunter down as his fangs targeted the main artery and clamped down; blood gushing into his mouth as the predator let out a frustrated snarl and almost shook his head like a rabid beast that had had enough. "DIE ALREADY!"  Projecting thoughts outwards he tried to force the words into the hunters head as crimson hemoglobin coursed down the back of his own throat as he drank enough until Dean would slip under. Only then did he pull his fangs out.

When Marko had made the transference of a blood exchange was unknown. Knowing his impulsive nature he had more than likely sliced his own palm open and squeezed enough blood into Dean's mouth to make him shift into a half vampire. 

By the time Dean had woken up again, the boys were back at the cave. Marko had enjoyed driving the impala and was gushing about it to his brothers while jumping up and down on the couch when Dean had decided to join them. 

"I feel like I got ran over by a bus. Where the hell am I?" 

"Look who's up! Rise n shine! Welcome to the land of the undead." 

"The undead?" 

"YEAH! Don't worry man. In this town, you're considered a prince now. Oh yeah, the cars outside!" 



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