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November 17, 2023


11/19/2023 12:43 PM 

Comfortably Numb | Lost boys sample


Comfortably Numb

Hello? Hello? Hello?
Is there anybody in there ?
Just nod if you can hear me
Is there anyone at home? 
Come on now
I hear your feeling down
Smoke filtered out betwixt the vampires lips as Pink Floyd floated out into the spacious opening of the hotel lobby from his brothers vinyl record player. Marko's limp body laid sprawled out across one of the sofas off to the right of the fountain while eyes rested in a perfectly closed state; lashes fanning out to adorn his cheeks as he mouthed the words. 

In that moment, everything seemed perfectly fine. He was just relaxing, listening to music, getting high by himself;  but it wasn't really so. As the vampire laid out and relaxed like a feline in a spaced out haze, there was actually someone else in the hotel with him making themselves known as they continued to whimper and whine in the background now. A while ago he had chose to ignore the person he had dragged home. Perhaps he was waiting for his family, perhaps he was waiting for the mood to strike himself or maybe it was even something else. There was an internal storm raging on in his head that he was trying to work his way through in the moment at hand. It was unlikely he'd be able to let it all slip by without some blood shed though -- that just wasn't him. Not when it came to what was on his mind in the first place. A fight had transpired and he needed some release. Truthfully, he wanted to rip someone to shreds. But he'd probably just end up feeding instead. 

As the music continued to play, he brought the joint to his lips and took in another deep drag. Letting the smoke escape him in shapes and circles, he'd soon sit up in a lackadaisical manner to swing one foot down onto the ground.  "Well I can ease your pain."  Words escaped him in time to the song as he stood and walked across the lobby to where the person lay. Leaning down over them, a hand slid into his pocket while the other rose to his mouth. Despite the joint between his lips, he also nipped at part of his opposing glove and purred while looking them over. "Get you on your feet again."  In time to words of the song and his own singing, he had reached down to grip the males arm while flicking the joint away so it could fizzle out on its own.

At first there was a slight jerk in resistance, he couldn't blame the human. Marko had tied his hands behind his back and blinded him before dragging him home from an ocean side party. There had been soft murmurs of a good time but hours ago, despite some onlookers screaming out 'fags', 'freaks, 'fairies', and other derogatory terms. Marko had made a mental note of each who had called him such; he'd hunt them on another night. In those moments he had been focused on the one in his clutches before dragging him back to his lair, and then he had dumped him like a used up toy on the floor of his home.

To be fair, the human had been sleeping after Marko had gotten him pretty high on the sandy beaches of California; that was before the tying and blinding parts came in as their onlookers had dispursed after growing bored of their own disapproval. But then he woke up somewhere else and must've clearly been confused due to the utter darkness and restraints Marko had provided him with; hints the whimpering and hesitation now as he flinched against the vampires hold. Wasn't Marko's fault he had dumped him on the floor to wait for him to wake up after dragging him back on his dirtbike . 

"Relax." Continuing in time with the song he took a firmer hold of the males right bicep and pulled him harshly into his own chest. Gaining a chesires grin, his feet started to move in time with the males as Marko manuevered him into a slow dance while untying the guys hands. "I'll need some information first. Just the basic facts, can you show me where it hurts?" Whispering the words on a lower breath he reached up to pull the blindfold from the ravennette's eyes. Piercing green hues met Marko's aquatic and overly innocent gaze as he offered a sheepish smile now as if this were a game -- it was all planned to be played. 

Not wanting the song to be interrupted he had lowered the bandana from the taller males eyes to around his mouth. Gagging him instead to keep him silent as he forced him into the dance and leaned up, placing a chaste kiss against the bandana over his mouth. His actions though alarming only seemed to ease the male when Marko's eyes began to flare as he bit the bandana while seemingly flirting as their bodies moved in time to the tempo; almost grinding. Perhaps it wasn't so much the flirting easing the other as it was that Marko's eyes shifting and erupting outwards into a near starburst formation also meant he might be using his powers to lull the larger male into a state of calmed hyponsis. 

There is no pain you are receding.
A distant ship smoke on the horizon.
You are only coming through in waves.

Song continuing on for what felt like ages, Marko had eventually untied the other males mouth finally to let him speak. But it seemed the male, whom's name he had come to learn as Leon sometime earlier didn't have much to say. Leon chose to go with the motions, be it due to the hyponisis or his own will like hours before as the two moved. Neither cared enough to question it as the dance grew on.

With every step, Marko could hear the others heart starting to beat louder. The thrum calling to him as he continued to gaze up at him. Somewhere in the mix of the dance he had let his eyes shift back to normal and led Leon to believe it was just an effect from the high Marko had provided him with back on the beach. That the drugs were still in his system making him see things. If only the fool realized that Marko was only working him up to be fed on. But he'd never catch on. Even as Marko pressed him up to one of the walls of the hotel. Finger tips just lightly grazing under the hem of the larger males shirt as a chuckle elicited itself from the monsters lips. Even as he leaned in and let his tongue trail along the main artery of his neck; drawing out a moan from the human while Marko's hands took a firm hold of his hips. A knee sliding itself between the mortals thighs to coax him to grind against it. 

In his mind he was thrilled with the responses the human was giving him. Marko was even more enthralled by the way Leon's heart started to skip in time to every little thing he did to him. While he had hypnotized him to calm down, he hadn't hypnotized him to respond this way, or to even wander down a more intimate path with the golden haired beast. It was making his heart fill the predator's ears with pure music as a growl escaped from his maw to radiate against Leon's throat. 

In time the teasing started to hit a wall as the vampires jaw started to ache, fangs begged to be released as fingers took a tighter hold of skin beneath their touch. 
Eventually he could no longer fight the need to feed as his fangs descended. The contours of his face became rigid and hard with the more primal aesthetic of his species before the vein he had been teasing was suddenly struck. Leon's moaning turned into a guttural cry under the sudden pain and pressure of daggers ripping into his neck.

Even as he tried to beat the vampire off, Marko only pushed him back harder against the wall and kept him pinned while draining him dry. When Leon started to become too weak he let the mortal slide down the hard surface to hit the floor. It forced the predator himself to kneel as he finally let his fangs slip free; tongue lapping the last few droplets of crimson nectar away. With the last drop of life escaping his victims neck he felt the anger leaving him as a shudder rolled through him. The record on Paul's vinyl player skipping on repeat now like a broken record over the next several lines of the song.

Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying.
When I was a child I had a fever.
Now I've got that feeling once again.
I can't explain you would not understand.
This is not how I am.
I have become comfortably numb.

Fitting. A broken record, a broken mortal, and the last line that played on repeat seemed to resonate with the smallest vampire of the Santa Carla clan on that night. Marko did indeed feel comfortably numb as he fell back on the dirty hotel floor and wiped blood up from his chin, only for fingers to dip between his own lips as he licked them clean while watching the now slumped over human.   

"Night night, Leon."



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