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Gender: Female
Age: 25
Sign: Cancer
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November 07, 2023


11/18/2023 08:45 PM 


Phoebe was a pretty private person, well that just happened in the last couple of years since her sister died. There were many things that she didn't want to get out--like how her sister died and how she faked her kidnapping in order to get money from her parents in order for her to move on and live by herself. The only person that knew anything and everything about her was Sadie. Speaking of Sadie she was going to get together with her tonight, she better get a move on.

Grabbing her phone her eyebrow kinked when she saw a text message from a blocked number. "What in the actual f*** is this?" When she read it she could feel her heart beating out of her chest, how the hell did they know all of this stuff. Should she do it? It would make sense because Phoebe did like to pretend with Phoenix that they were each other. Just like Fred and George did to Molly Wesley since they looked so much alike. All she wanted to do was text Sadie and ask her what to do but she felt like if she did that then this person will tell her parents what she had done and that was too much drama for her.

Sitting down in front of her laptop she ran her fingers through her hair and sighed she was going to do this but how was she going to do it was the question. Turning her camera on she began to record. "Hello world I have a confession to make. I Phoenix Queen have been alive this whole time. For the past 9 years I have been alive and well and hidden away in my parents basement. I'm sorry to have lied to you all.". Ending the video she sighed and bit on the inside of her cheek. She scrolled through her phone and found Phoneix's log in to her Facebook page. Uploading the video she tagged everyone in her family including Phoebe and hit send. "I hope this person is f***ing happy."


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