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Desired Connections
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1. Peach Salinger or any Shay Mitchell faceclaim (Zach's PR manager/handler): Peach is a privileged young woman, born into a notable literary family with wealth and vast resources. After meeting Zach at UCLA, Peach assumes the role as the controlling queen bee of Zach’s inner circle of NBA and celebrity friends. She can be very overprotective of him. 

2. Dana "Scottie" Scott or any Abigail Spencer faceclaim (Zach's lawyer/agent): Dana "Scottie" Scott first met Zach when she was assigned as his lawyer by Zach's sports agency, Klutch Sports, after his rookie contract negotiation talks with the Bulls organization fell apart. However, with the help of Scottie's Harvard-tier negotiation skills, Zach was eventually able to get a maximum contract extension with the Bulls. A few contract extensions later, she eventually became Zach's agent and one of his most entrusted entourages. They both share a mutual respect for one another and their contrasting yet complimentary skillset makes them a force to be reckoned with in the NBA world as well as the wider sports industry. 


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