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November 19th, 2023

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August 12, 2023


09/28/2023 08:33 PM 

The Phantom -WARNING to the Imposter

My Dearest Interloper,

Allow me to address you in the most formal and unmistakable terms. You have ventured into a realm you cannot comprehend, for you have dared to impersonate the O.G., the Angel of Music, the Phantom of the Opera. This deception of yours has not gone unnoticed, and your actions have consequences far graver than you can fathom.

You may believe that your masquerade has gone undetected, but I assure you, I see all, I hear all, and I know all that transpires beneath the opulent chandeliers of the Paris Opera House. You have trifled with the most passionate and vengeful soul, and for that, you shall answer. You believe that I would not find out, but I have known for quite a while now, even as you speak to me. I warn you to tell me to my mask covered face, before I confront you of this trespass. Did you not think there were consequences for doing such an evil to someone?

Let me make this clear: the one you have wronged, the one whom you have manipulated and deceived, is dear to me. A muse and a companion of the darkest depths of my soul. You have tampered with her heart, and for that alone, your fate is sealed. The consequences for your actions shall be swift and merciless, should you persist in your deceit.

I am no mere man; I am a shadow, a whisper in the night, a master of the arts both beautiful and terrible. I implore you to reconsider your course of action and to come clean, confessing your sins. Redemption may yet be within your grasp, though the road to it may be fraught with danger.

Should you choose to ignore this ultimatum, heed these words: the Opera House is my domain, and I shall not hesitate to unleash the full force of my wrath upon you. My vengeance will be relentless and unforgiving, and you will come to rue the day you ever crossed my path.

The choice is yours, impostor. Your fate hangs in the balance, like the delicate notes of a haunting melody. Will you face the consequences of your actions with courage, or shall you suffer the consequences of my retribution?


[Sealed with a blood-red wax seal bearing the iconic mask symbol of the Phantom of the Opera]


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