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Merry Krampus [3W Group SL]

Merry Krampus
attn: Elena, Damon
mention: Lizzie, Alaric
Lionheart /1606290
Jeremy was at his wits' end. He knew that Elena was going to try to go with him to find Jensen. Trying to stop her was next to impossible and he knew it. He didn't exactly want to go with Damon anywhere because he couldn't trust him as far as he could throw him. He knew that Damon did love Elena. He could see it in how he looked at her. Jeremy would put aside any objections he had just to make sure that Elena wasn't worried any more than she already was. If that meant he had to team up with Damon he would. All that mattered was Jensen.

Jeremy was a hunter. He had special abilities that only four other people on the planet possessed which made him more geared for the Hunt. The Traveler Magic that gave him his abilities was already hard at work. Given that Jensen was a little witch, his augmented senses as a member of the Five meant he was more geared toward a hunt like this. He could give plenty of reasons why it needed to be him to go rather than Damon, but he used restraint and consideration for his sister and the situation they were all in right now.

Jeremy was right there with the group that had gathered when Caroline found out Lizzie was missing too. He started to pace a little bit but then rolled it back. "We need to form a search party to cover more ground." Jeremy insisted. His mind was already mapping out a strategy mentally. When he came to town earlier, he'd already tried to talk to Matt Donovan in the sheriff's office but they were unusually busy. Jeremy pretty much was certain why now he couldn't get through. Other kids were disappearing. Were they all supernatural? Jeremy's Hunter abilities were going off at Def-Con 5 now, so it was pretty obvious others were missing because of supernatural means.

“We’re all going. I’m not taking no for an answer. So instead of us all arguing, grab the keys and let’s go.”

Elena was always a take charge kind of girl. "Elena? Are you sure? What happens if Jensen makes his way back here? You sure you didn't check all his hiding spots? Maybe he learned a new spell on TikTok or something?" Jeremy had no idea what all went on with TikTok but he knew that a lot of people were on it. Several of the monsters he tracked in the past were easier to track because locals made videos that he followed to one cave or haunted house to another.

Jensen was missing and Lizzie was missing. Was there a connection here other than the obvious? Both were witches and both were adopted by Salvatores? That couldn't be a coincidence could it? He pulled out his mobile and started to use it. He had various connections that he could consult to see what was happening in the supernatural world. It was easier for members of The Five to use modern tech of the 21st century to track down their quarry. He didn't want to even consider what they did back during the Renaissance. "I'm checking with my contacts about any new Tiktok challenges."

While waiting for responses, Jeremy looked to Damon. Jeremy didn't say anything. He was worried about Jensen and he was worried about Elena. He was going out on a limb in the belief that Damon did too. "Keep your phone on, please. I'll send you anything that I get. I promise." Jeremy was going to go look for his nephew. He had methods of searching that nobody else could use, not even Alaric. Alaric taught Jeremy everything he knew. Jeremy also picked up a few tricks along the way.
None of us are gonna make it out of this town alive.
credit: james kriet


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