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09/18/2023 10:34 PM 

MONTANA/TRISTAN DUFFY defeat evil creepy doll
Category: Drabbles

Featuring @Tainted_Void

Montana Duke, forever trapped in the shadow of her past, had found herself drawn to the ominous allure of the Hotel Cortez. Her spectral presence moved silently through the dimly lit corridors, a phantom seeking something she could no longer define. And then, in the eerie depths of the hotel, she spotted him – Tristan Duffy.

Tristan sat at the bar, an enigmatic figure with a brooding intensity that drew Montana in like a moth to a flame. She glided over to him, her ghostly form barely casting a shadow. "Well, well," she whispered, her voice a seductive murmur. "Aren't you a handsome mystery."

Tristan turned his gaze towards her, a sly smile playing at the corner of his lips. "And who might you be?" he asked, his voice a deep and captivating rumble.

Montana leaned in closer, her petite figure almost imperceptible in the dim light. "Montana Duke," she replied, her eyes smoldering with mischief. "And what about you, stranger? What brings you to this mysterious place?"

Tristan chuckled, his eyes never leaving hers. "Tristan Duffy," he said, his words tinged with a hint of danger. "I've always been drawn to the darkness."

Their flirtatious banter escalated with each passing moment, their connection forged in the crucible of shared secrets and a fascination with the macabre. They swapped tales of their tormented pasts, their voices filled with a dark allure that seemed to hang in the air.

But their playful dance was interrupted by a malevolent force that swept through the hotel. The lights flickered ominously, and a chilling silence fell upon the room. An evil presence took form, manifested in the likeness of a demonic, lifelike baby doll, its malevolent eyes casting an eerie glow.

Montana and Tristan exchanged a shocked and wary look, their flirtation momentarily forgotten. They knew they had to confront this supernatural threat. With grim determination, they banded together, ready to face the unholy terror that had descended upon them. They heard an eery voice in their minds, "I’m Hannah Baker, wanna play?"

In a synchronized attack, they launched themselves at the demonic doll, delivering swift and powerful kicks that sent it tumbling across the room. The doll screeched in agony, but Montana and Tristan were relentless in their assault, the very embodiment of supernatural force. "STOP STALKING US CREEPY ASS DOLL!" Montana screeched.

With one final, powerful kick, they sent the malevolent doll crashing into the shadows, vanquishing its evil presence from the hotel. As the room fell into an eerie calm, Montana and Tristan stood side by side, their breaths heavy with adrenaline and their eyes locked in a shared victory.

In that charged moment, they couldn't resist the magnetic pull any longer. Without a word, they moved closer, their lips meeting in a fiery and passionate kiss. Their connection transcended the realms of the living and the dead, a testament to the irresistible chemistry that had brought them together in the face of darkness.

The Hotel Cortez, with its twisted history, watched silently as the ghosts of Montana Duke and Tristan Duffy found solace and passion amidst the chaos. Two lost souls, bound by their shared encounter with evil, had discovered an undeniable connection that would endure beyond the haunted halls of the hotel.


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