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The word got out to the Armory that Hiram Lodge along with Wolfram & Hart were putting together something that was dangerous to the Slayers. Tyler Lockwood was one of the most prominent Armory Agents with a high success rate on his missions. His Apisi bloodline for werewolves made him one of the strongest lineages out there. Being directly descended from the three headed Hound of Hell had some advantages after all.

Tyler knew what the Slayers were because the Armory knew everything. The Slayers were girls that were a lot like the Brotherhood of the Five. There was one notable exception however. Killing one of the Five meant that you'd be cursed for the rest of your life. Killing a Slayer gave no such curse. This is why the Armory decided to step into this mess.

Tyler Lockwood was the logical choice to send in this case. He was not only a werewolf, but he possessed a hellhound form that was practically a mirror image of Cerberus himself. He met with his superiors at the Armory to be given a briefing on the whole thing. Intel was that there were going to be some vile hunters there, some of which had killed Slayers in the past. He went without hesitation. Slayers were on the same side he was on in the overall scheme of things. The files the Armory had on Hiram Lodge and the one on Wolfram & Hart were extensive. They had to be stopped.

Tyler showed up at the stadium for the Slayerfest incognito. He'd let his facial hair grow. He also decided to stay hidden as much as he could. He had to search through the tunnels and various rooms to see if he could find anyone that had been locked away. He couldn’t let Lodge see him. Tyler knew the bastard well and he knew Tyler. This could get really ugly, really quickly. Tyler dodged down the nearest hall trying to get an eye on what was happening. He was also checking for familiar scents. Sometimes being a werewolf came in handy.

The stadium was not unlike one where a fan would attend a football game. He didn't know about soccer but he had been to more than one football game in his life in the States. Lodge even had concession stands set up in the stadium with food and even beer. There was nothing like eating a hotdog and knocking back a cold one while girls were being hunted down by vampires and other a**holes to be slaughtered because they were different. Tyler was repulsed by it all.

He was hiding in one of the passages of the stadium watching as more spectators entered. There were some who looked human, but others who did not. The appearance of monsters he had only seen in the books of the Armory worried Tyler. Some of these things were the size of Dobermans while others looked like regular humans. He started to come out of his observation point but stopped when he saw creatures that were taller than humans but had horns coming out of their heads along with pointed ears. They looked like straight up demons. The Armory called them Dremora. Tyler called them trouble.

Once the Dremora cleared the hall, Tyler moved in closer. He had no idea where he was going. He assumed this stadium had to have locker rooms for the hunters but what he was looking for was the hunted . The word would be given soon to start this whole debacle. Tyler had two things on his mind. He hoped that he wasn't the only one out there trying to save the victims from being thrown to the lions so to speak. He also hoped he wasn't too late.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet


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