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09/18/2023 02:34 PM 

Everything's strange, you've changed

clear water Girls aren't supposed to know if we're pretty or not. but isn't that bullsh*t? Because we're all beautiful in our own way.
these violent delights
The late afternoon sun hung low in the sky, casting long, golden shadows that stretched lazily across the expansive beach, as if the day itself were reluctant to let go of the warmth and beauty it had bestowed. To the west, the sea stretched out endlessly, its horizon shimmering like an elusive dream. Belly Conklin, a figure as familiar to this beach as the grains of sand beneath her feet, stood amidst a picturesque tableau of summer life.

The shoreline was a vibrant tapestry of human activity, a living collage of colors and sounds. Children, their laughter like sweet music to the soul, darted in and out of the gentle waves. Their tiny feet left behind a whimsical trail of footprints, as if marking their territory in this vast playground. With utmost dedication, they constructed sandcastles adorned with seashells and colorful plastic buckets brimming with dreams.

Families, huddled beneath a vibrant kaleidoscope of beach umbrellas, shared simple picnics. They laughed, their joy carried on the breeze, as they broke bread together and shared succulent slices of ripe watermelon. The air was filled with the aroma of sunscreen and salt, a fragrant reminder of carefree summer days.

Couples, deeply enamored, strolled hand in hand along the water's edge. The waves, like time itself, washed over their feet in a soothing rhythm, a reflection of the ebb and flow of life's joys and sorrows. Frisbees sailed through the air in graceful arcs, chased by carefree shouts and spirited laughter. Seagulls soared overhead, their cries an ever-present harmony, a part of the very soul of the beach.

Amid this idyllic scene, it was as though the universe had pressed the pause button on time for Belly Conklin. Her existence had become a vivid chiaroscuro, with the world around her alive with color and vitality while she stood in the stark contrast of emotional turmoil.

Barefoot, she stood with her toes buried in the warm, sun-kissed sand, grounding her in the present. Her heart, like a tempestuous sea within her chest, churned with a lifetime of emotions, the waves of which threatened to engulf her. She had spent countless summers on this very beach, but this day, this moment, was unlike any other.

Her gaze was locked onto Conrad Fisher, a man whose presence had been a constant in her life, shaping her summers and her heart. The sun, usually a gentle and comforting companion on these shores, now cast a harsh and unforgiving light on the turbulent sea of emotions swirling within her.

Tears welled in her eyes, glistening like diamonds as they clung to her lashes. Her voice, usually soft and melodic, now trembled with a potent mix of frustration and desperation. Her words, carried by the gentle breeze, were like whispers that held the power to reshape her world.

"I kept getting in his face," she confessed, her voice delicate yet unwavering, a fragile thread woven into the grand narrative of summer. "I wasn't going to let him walk away from me, not this time."

The breeze, typically a source of serenity, now seemed to carry her words to every corner of the beach, as if nature itself had conspired to make her emotions known.

The sand, too, seemed to hold its breath, as if aware that a turning point was imminent.

"You just want to keep me on this hook, right?" Her voice grew stronger, each word infused with a heady mix of anger and desperation. "So I'll keep chasing after you, and you can feel good about yourself. As soon as I start to get over you," she whispered, her voice barely audible over the gentle lapping of the waves, "you just reel me back in."

The waves, once a soothing backdrop, now felt like a relentless reminder of the unpredictable ebb and flow of her relationship with Conrad. The sun, as it sank lower, painted the sky in hues of fiery red and deep purple, casting long shadows that stretched toward the water, like a portentous omen that this was a moment of reckoning.

"You're so screwed up in the head," Belly confessed, her voice bearing the weight of years of confusion, longing, and heartache. "But I'm telling you, Conrad, this is it." Her voice cracked once more, and the tears she'd been holding back spilled over, tracing salty paths down her flushed cheeks.

Belly's life, once a mosaic of carefree summers and beach memories, now hung in the balance. Her emotions, laid bare for all to see, represented the culmination of a story that had defined her existence for far too long. The beach, a silent and timeless witness to her coming of age, now bore witness to a momentous turning point in her life.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, leaving the beach bathed in the ethereal glow of twilight, Conrad Fisher remained silent. The weight of Belly's words, like a tempestuous sea, crashed over him, leaving him adrift in the turmoil of their shared history. His confident façade had cracked, and he stood there, his own heart laid bare amidst the timeless beauty of the beach they had both loved and fought on for so long.
Turn itself back to re-behold the pass
Which never yet a living person left


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