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February 06, 2023


09/18/2023 01:18 PM 

MMM - The Scarecrow

What do you fear?
What is fear?

I've asked myself that question countless times over the years. Even when I sat in my office looking at some poor soul as they spill their deepest darkest secrets to me, I wondered if turning their fears into reality would get them to truly experience fear on a primal level. Would they die from a literal heart attack? There was only one way to find out.

The first doses of my fear gas were small. I had to moderate just the right doses, you see. The concoction had to be just right. To watch the man with the fear of spiders start to claw off his own skin because he thought he was covered in spiders was glorious. The only bad part was having to get the blood off the floor later. Disposing of the body was easy enough. Suicide Slum was always full of scum and lowlife. What was another dead body to add to the mix?

The dosages increased. I watched one woman look me in the eye with the most pure form of fear I had ever seen. I forced her to look at me. I wouldn't let her leave my office. You could almost see her heart explode in her chest. The smallest doses over time saw her fears gradually increase. My notations on her chart were subtle and with plenty of double entendre. If something went wrong, then her records would be subpoenaed by the court. They couldn't know what I was doing. I had to hide it well. When she had a massive coronary, they were none the wiser. I was absolutely invincible.

Fear is my tool to do as I please. Rather than heal minds tormented by fear, I wanted to exploit them. They could have been cleared by your average psychiatrist within months. Who ever said I was average? I am Dr. Jonathan Crane. The cold hand of fear is far more deadly than any physical weapon. The manipulation I can do using my fear gas is spotless and leaves no trace in the blood. It also does not affect me. I've studied the work of Dr. Pamela Isley Shang in regard to poisons and how to form an immunity to them. She really is quite brilliant on the subject.

Like Icarus I flew too close to the sun with my wings. I still don't know how he did it, but The Batman found out what I was doing. My calling card was that of The Scarecrow. The simplest little creature that protected the cornfields of the world and stayed hidden in our psyche as the harbinger of fear and terror. He encountered me face to face when he brought me down. I used more massive doses of fear gas on him than I did anyone else. He showed no signs of any effects of the gas. He brought me down and he brought me down hard.

I sit here in this cell at Arkham in my own little corner of hell charged with multiple counts of murder all because I used the fertile fields of the human mind for my playthings. Batman, you're out there feeling pretty content that you have me locked away for the good of humanity. You know what they say. "Fear is the mind killer. " That happens to be true. You know what else is true?

I am fear.





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