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MALLORY / MICHAEL : redemption continued
Category: Drabbles

(Continued from previous post. Read this and the entire story between
Michael, The Devil, and Mallory in The Void Group Story)

The Void RPG page

Within this moment between her and Michael, she thought she heard a voice greeting her. The devil whispering in her ear. A shiver went through her as she looked all around. She then realized that perhaps that's what whispered to Michael, and was a part of his darkness that she had felt.

As Mallory and Michael sat together beneath the moonlit canopy of the wilderness, the connection between them deepened. Mallory, with her empathic abilities, could feel the tumultuous emotions swirling within Michael. She sensed his inner conflict, the battle between the darkness that had consumed him and the glimmer of hope that Mallory's presence had ignited.

Mallory leaned in closer, her eyes filled with compassion. "Michael," she said, "I can feel your pain, your struggle. You don't have to face it alone. We can find a way to overcome the darkness together." She shown in her features that she could feel everything that he had been feeling.

Michael's gaze remained fixed on her, a mixture of vulnerability and curiosity in his eyes. He had been raised in an environment of malevolence and had never known kindness like Mallory's. Her acceptance and compassion were like a lifeline, offering him a glimpse of something different. There had been a time when he had truly tried to be good, but it never worked out. People he cared about had always betrayed him and turned their back on him when the darkness in him had shown, not knowing how to control his power when he was younger. He didn't understand why.

"I've done terrible things," Michael admitted, his voice trembling. "I've caused pain and destruction. I don't know if I can change."

Mallory's hand gently rested on his, offering comfort and support. "Change is possible, Michael," she whispered. "It starts with the desire to be better, to choose the light over the darkness." She couldn't read his mind, but she had felt everything he had experienced.

As they spoke, the distant sounds of what was happening between Cordelia and Ms. Mead grew fainter, as if the world itself held its breath, awaiting the outcome. But in this quiet corner of the wilderness, a different battle was unfolding—a battle for Michael's soul.

The moon continued its journey across the night sky, casting a silvery glow over the forest. Mallory's empathic connection to Michael allowed her to sense the ebb and flow of his emotions. She could feel his fear, his longing for redemption, and his desperate yearning for something more all while feeling the darkness within. She was beginning to accept that too, that it was all a part of him. Her eyes shown a deep understanding sparkling in the starlight.

Mallory and Michael sat together, her gentle hand grasping his, as the night wore on. In the distance, the firey end between Cordelia and Ms. Mead reached its climax, but in this moment, their world was confined to the moonlit wilderness, where the possibility of redemption hung in the air like a promise.


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