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09/18/2023 01:20 PM 

The Rumble
Category: Drabbles
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Dori was watching as the guys got all excited over a little rumble and she said to Darry "Be safe out there babe" She always was the one to worry when nights like this came. She watches as the guys leave to fight. She felt alone when she thought I could call Evie and Kathy and see if they wanted to go hang out while they are busy.

She calls Evie's Phone but gets no answer and the same with Kathy's she gets up and walks into the bathroom and sits there for a moment and said "No not twin how are we going to raise 2 babies and still be able to take care of ourselves?" She notices the front door opens and all but 2 of the guys walk inside.

She goes over to Darry who is sitting in his favorite chair she sits on his lap and said "I have some news?" She knows now its the right to tell Darry but she doesn't know when the right time will be.She gets up and walks into the bedroom and lays down and cries to herself.

Things just tough right now with how hard Darry is working to support her and his brothers now she is carrying two kids and has a daughter. She tries to keep herself calm before breaking down and Two-Bit sees her and said "You okay?" She looks over at him and said 'yeah I guess so" She knows he doesn't believe her and just said "What's wrong?" She replies "Two-Bit I don't want to talk about it"


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