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May 14, 2022


09/17/2023 06:58 PM 

Fall Bucket List

  1. Pumpkin Patch: Carleigh would like to visit a Pumpkin Patch. She never got to go as a child.
  2. Carve Pumpkins: Another thing she never got to do, was to carve a pumpkin. With her parents being deaf, they hardly did anything where a lot of hearing people would be in attendance.
  3. Halloween Party: She never got to go to a Halloween party in school. She wasn’t popular and didn’t get invited.
  4. Visit a Haunted House: Carleigh has always wanted to visit a haunted house, however, there weren’t any in Boston.
  5. Watch Fall Hallmark movies with a friend: Watching Hallmark movies had been her safe haven, and she would now like to enjoy them with a friend or two.
  6. Decorate for Fall: Growing up, she had a wreath, but always wanted to get the fake spider webs, fake “Caution” tape, blow up outside balloons, and decorate.
  7. Visit a Fall Market: There weren’t fall markets in Boston, for some reason, so she wants to go to one in Seattle.


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