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Love Hurts

Love Hurts
1x1 with Liv/ mention: Kai
It had been how long? Tyler was sitting at the bar in the Mystic Grill with some alcoholic beverage in his hand. He was waiting on his best friend Matt Donovan to join him. He'd been on a job for the Armory that had been exceptionally difficult. He needed to talk to someone about it and Donovan was elected. Tyler downed the remainder of the amber liquid in one swallow. He was a hellhound now so his entire body chemistry changed yet again.

He was throwing himself time and time again into these assignments trying to forget the pain he carried. Tyler kept it buried inside. He didn't want to remember the day he killed his girlfriend so he could live. What kind of an asshat does that? Instead, year after year before he died himself and since coming back from the dead he would drink himself into a stupor. Matt lost his own girl too so they had a lot to commiserate over.

Ty saw Matt heading in his direction. The bartender handed him another drink which diverted his attention to the fact that Donovan nearly ran over a hot girl that had entered The Mystic Grill. He made his way toward Tyler all flustered. "Did you see that?" He started to babble a little. "That girl… damn Ty."

Tyler walked toward Donovan with his drink in hand. "Did some girl tell you to get bent again?" He smirked at his buddy. "Come on. I'm breaking." Tyler was heading toward the pool table. Not paying attention to the girl at first, he sauntered over choosing a cue stick after laying down his alcohol on the edge of the table.

Matt went to the case to pick out a cue stick. "How can you be so cold, man? That girl looked like an angel." He motioned at the bartender to bring him a beer.

Tyler shrugged it off. "I had an angel once and I killed her. Now I'm a hellhound. What do you think?" He was dropping the balls into the rack to get them ready. Tyler hadn't even dated another girl since Liv died. He didn't want any more blood on his hands. The sounds of the balls hitting the table were loud. He was clacking the balls louder as he rolled them together.

"Lighten up Ty. It's been, how long now? You know Liv wouldn't want you to hate yourself like you do!" Donovan was trying his best to lighten the mood. It wasn't working.

Tyler hit the balls so hard that they turned to dust on the table. He tossed his cue down on the table. "You know what Donovan. This wasn't such a great idea. I'm out!" Tyler ran his hands through his hair and stormed out of The Grille via the door that led to the back alley.

Once in the alley, he let out a primal scream that came from his hellhound blood. Being the descendant of the original hellhound really sucked at times. He wanted to rip out his own heart and stomp it on the ground. He'd lost Olivia by his own hand thanks to the chaos her bastard brother caused at Ric and Jo's wedding. His mind constantly played back those last moments with her and how he should have just died with her.

It wasn't fair. It wasn't very damned fair at all.

Tyler's back hit the wall in the alley. He slumped down until he was sitting on the ground itself. He buried his head in his arms and hid his face. One solitary tear fell to the ground under his bent knees and then another.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet


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