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Project Savior

Project Savior
𝓞𝓵𝓮𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓮𝓻 /1849659
It was all happening so fast. Ivy and Shang were working together to try and stop this madness only to be met with superior forces and strength. Ivy saw the attack on her husband by Omega and screamed for all she was worth. Vines erupted from the ground spreading everywhere responding to the emotions of Mother Nature.

The Sentinel near her turned a glowing hand toward all those vines and the greenery itself causing Ivy to leap from the safety of her babies that were holding her up from the ground. The burning plants were screaming to her in agony so powerful it nearly broke her. The powerful hand of the Sentinel successfully pinned her to the ground. The newly minted Pamela Shang recognized the liquid in the vial. In her own lab back on Shang's Island she'd created a liquid that looked exactly like that. She knew what it could do. Sometimes being a botanist was a disadvantage. Ivy didn't move except to breathe. She was bested.

The appearance of the man overhead came as a surprise to her. Her work on his world? Her eyes shut. As he spoke many things were made clear. Because of her marriage to Shang Tsung and her tie to Bruce Wayne as frienemies, she knew other universes existed. When he mentioned her work on his world, she clenched her teeth not daring to say anything but realizing that this liquid was the same one she created here but done in his world.

"You want to talk, I'll talk. You want the flowers? Take them. Just don't hurt my babies back on the island. Please." Tears filled her eyes. "You win." Those two words coming from her lips were two words she never thought she'd say. She never imagined that she'd ever have a family either. Ivy had priorities.

There had been too much death of the green on this day. At this point, she felt that she could fix the damage that was if this man holding her prisoner didn't kill her first. She was curious about something though. What was this other Pamela like? Her ever scheming mind was wondering if there was a possibility she could use that to her advantage. For now, she bent the knee in a manner of speaking and took the L.
"I wanna taste you but your lips are venomous poison "
credit: james kriet


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