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06/03/2023 10:37 PM 

COMPLICATIONS ; a tony stark drabble

When it comes to Tony Stark, it's complicated.

❝ What can I say now that I haven't said before? We have fought together. We have fought AGAINST each other.  There was a time we acted like beasts in the heat of the battle. We've drawn the blood of villainous entities with ease, and there we were, drawing each other's blood with the equal heat and intensity. Almost ready to kill. We don't kill however, though our friends and allies have died fighting for our causes.

I can't say that won't happen again.

You've LIED to me, and I've lied to you.. You make me see red while inspiring me to be a better man. There are times my rage got the best of me, and there were many more times I wanted to wrap my arm around you in comfort. Your addiction has eaten me up raw and ugly until it springs tears to my eyes, but your stubborn stance on politics inspires the gritting of teeth until I need to release my energy on a punching bag.

Tony, you've been my enemy, yet you are one of my closest friends. You are my friend. Part of my past, present, and future. I wish it were always like this. We are two different men walking down two paths, and when those paths connect.. it's wonderful. I hope for that. I hope our paths are always connecting and never again warped and going in opposite directions.   ❞


It's complicated. So complicated.


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