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06/02/2023 07:11 PM 

Just a heads up

So.... Here's some things that I thought to Clear up 
So First thing first,  Yes, My Character was created by Ai with a Background that I have in Mind alongside many twist.

Second Thing,  As Far as My Character having realtiosnips with the background Info I will type up soon (it's gonna be a long but that's the point right? ;) I have no problem with you having a realtionship but don't force it. His Sexuality will be written in the background as well. After all is AN AU, not the real thing. 

Lastly,  I also wanna address, I may not know a lot of shows, I may only know them by trailers or a few episodes but that's as far as I know lol. I am discord friendly, however.....I keep my personal discord the way that it is. I use my main one more than I use any other discord. I could make a server for you guys to join and make a community within but that's a dream (maybe i might maybe i will not) If I DO MAKE IT feel free to share that link to everyone (just make sure its drama free) 


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