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January 28th, 2024

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Gender: Female
Age: 21
Sign: Taurus
Signup Date:
May 25, 2023


05/27/2023 05:28 PM 

Who is IVY
Current mood:  aroused

hey Y'all.. Ivy here.. I feel like I should tell y'all about myself cause why TF not. I'm a triple threat, which means I Sing, Dance, and Act, my top three intelligences are Music, Verbal linguistics, and Visual Spacial, and Bodily Kinesthetic tie for third, I've been reading since I was 4 years old and am constantly 2 grade levels ahead of my peers when it comes to my lexile level (Reading score/level), I enjoy reading and writing, so I am constantly given more challenging work than my peers. I'm obsessed with Fantasy and Romance novels. My dream is to go to Greece and see the Acropolis and the Acrocorynthus, which is the natural hot springs above ancient Corynth. I speak several languages, not all of them fluently. but yeah, you wanna know more about me, Friend me.. later Cuties....! Mwahh


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