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05/25/2023 03:14 PM 

Rule Book
Category: Guidelines

  • No writers under the age of 18 is permitted. Nothing against Minors. But I'm an adult and wish to write with other adults, not kids. Please understand.
  • No romance and physical intimacy in any way unless there is chemistry between them.
  • No one-liners, please put effort into your writing, I only accept Para and Multiple Para.
  • No Harrassment or Bullying, this kind of behavior won't be tolerated.
  • No God Mode. If you want a fighting screen, that's fine but then be fair and take some hits. Your character is not invincible. So don't act in such ways in roleplay!
  • Please practice Literacy. I know we all make mistakes but please just do your best. My grammar isn't the greatest just you know. Punctuation is also necessary. 
  • No Ghosting me. If you're MIA for more than a month without a word, then the storyline will be considered forfeit.
  • Always communicate. Let me know you will be busy. Let me know you are not well. Let me know you have a writers block. And so on. I'll do the same.
  • Don't be a stranger. Interact with my character and talk to me. Otherwise I will delete you. I am not gonna be a number on your friend's list.
  • I do my storylines in messages only. This way it is private and only between us.
  • Banter friendly. We can banter in comments and stream. We also have the option of doing banter over on discord. Just ask for mine in private. If you prefer to banter in a server this is an option as well.
  • Do not ask about my personal life. My RL is private and my own business. Don't go there. If I decide to share something it will be privately. Thanks!
  • My patience only goes so far, if you're online a lot and don't respond to me, I will consider you deleted. Don't ignore me. You will be deleted with no hope of me accepting you again.
  • My Character is mine to control in every way, don't try to control his actions and reactions. I will delete you. If mind control is a factor then we will discuss the scene and I'll Rp accordingly for that scene. 
  • Let's try to get along, and act in a civil manner, let's not be immature, because there is no need for drama, immaturity or nonsense.
  • Never be afraid to tell me your ideas and opinions. I'm all ears. Let's discuss ideas in a civilized manner. I don't mind a little discussion before starting!
  • If you have a question please ask it asap. No question is a dumb question.
  • Please be respectful and don't take my character ideas. My character is an OC. Please just admire my ideas and don't take my ideas. I will be all too happy to block you.
  • WE WILL NOT DISCUSS ROMANCE HAPPENING. We will let it happen naturally. Chemistry is not planned, because it's nurtured and takes time. The more our characters interact and develop a relationship the better, only then will romance bloom.
  • I will not change my character to suit yours. Sorry. I will tweak things accordingly, by a small measure, but not to the extent that I change everything about him. That won't be happening. Tweaking goes as far as location, world/realm and time frame. If you wish your character to be related or already a friend to my character, we can figure something out. I am not against it.
  • Please do not force a relationship on me. I don't jump into romance and physical interaction until chemistry is involved!
  • Please give some efforts in being kind and respectful of me and others I write with. I will do the same. As said before I don't want drama here. You get what you give. So try to be courteous at all times!
**These are my rules, thank for taking the time to read them, signing is not required. You can simply heart this blog if you've read my rules and understand them. Stay awesome!

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Nov 8th 2023 - 5:46 PM

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