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A Night to Remember

A Night to Remember
𝓞𝓵𝓮𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓮𝓻 /1849659
Here she was of all places, Gotham Convention Center and Hotel. She'd been there in the past on multiple occasions; not all of them were wholesome. To say that Pamela Lillian Isley was not exactly a perfect angel was an understatement. Here she was now sitting in an area that was labeled as The Bride's Dressing Room. Her dress was hanging up waiting for her to wear it. It would come soon enough.

Her husband-to-be was a Sorcerer more than 1000 years old. Shang Tsung saved her at a time when she was most desperate. He picked her up out of the depths of depravity and lifted her back up to solid ground. When she thought all was lost, Tsung showed her it was not. Now she was going to marry him. It was not some place she'd imagined she'd be.

Then there was Bruce. Bruce had always tried to save her like a big brother would his wayward little sister. The fact he agreed to perform the ceremony in Ivy's eyes, showed he was willing to cling to hope that she wasn't all bad. She was worth saving. To say that Ivy was all good was a fallacy. She wasn't all bad either. Ivy had her own agenda. She always had her own agenda. Bruce had known this for years. There was no fooling him.
  Ivy leaned back in her chair wearing her silk robe. Her fingertips started to glow emerald. She could feel all the flowers in place for the ceremony. They were communicating with her about their comfort levels. None of them were snipped or severed in any way. She wouldn't allow it. None of these flowers were from Krakoa. She was careful to keep those she had far away from the X-Men. "Keep watching my darlings. Let Momma know if anything is amiss." She spoke softly knowing that they could hear her.

Once her fingertips stopped glowing, she went back to getting herself ready for the wedding. She had a silver hair brush that she used to brush her crimson locks. The natural curl bounced back with a natural spring to it. The old wives tale was that Gingers had no souls. That was absolute nonsense of course. Some would be skeptical when it came to Ivy however. She stopped for a moment letting her hands rest on her abdomen. The two little lights there were far too small to be felt by her yet but she knew they were there. These were children that would be born of the love she had for their father. What sort of life would her twins have? That was easy. They would have the world. Both Ivy and Tsung would make sure of it.

It was still a while until it was time to get on the dress. Ivy still had time to make sure all the preparations were ready and her guests would arrive. She'd made quite a few enemies in her long and storied career. There was always the chance that these heroes would show up to haul her off to Arkham again. Or in the case of Amanda Waller, they could slap a collar on her and take her to a place worse than Arkham. Ivy shivered at that thought. If any heroes tried anything, then they would find quite a surprise waiting for them. Ivy and Tsung were more than prepared.
"I wanna taste you but your lips are venomous poison "
credit: james kriet


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