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Where the Streets Have No Name

The Streets Have No Name
Wicket /1706817
Life was turned upside down. Ever since they came back from the Upside Down, Dustin wasn't sure whether he was coming or going. They were supposed to be upperclassmen come the fall but no one bothered to even consider school yet. That could be a blessing or a curse depending on how you looked at it.

The rumor was that the kids of Hawkins were going to be bussed to Indianapolis or even Cincinnati depending on who filled up first and how things could be divided. For the first real time since Will had moved, the crew faced actual separation on a more permanent basis. This was going to be a total disaster. Nancy, Jonathan, Chrissy, Eddie, Steve and Robin didn't have to worry about being separated. They graduated already. Dustin and the D&D crew were in the class of 1989. They still had a ways to go yet. This was going to stink worse than Bantha fodder on the streets of Tatooine. Dustin was at the Community Center helping his mother when the news came out about school. His mood was definitely shot.

Dustin's mom walked up to him sitting there. His insistence on wearing those silly hats always hid those curls that she loved so much. "Dustin, You are really no help, you know that?" His mother knew he was thinking about school. All the parents were talking about it too. Dustin didn't need to know that his mother was one of the advocates for sending the kids to different schools come the fall. It was going to take time to rebuild the schools in Hawkins. In the meantime, the kids had to do something. His mother stood there for a moment just looking at him.

Dustin's chin raised toward the sound of his mother's voice. Her words weren't reaching him. He was supposed to be sweeping the floor but stopped. "Sorry Mom. I'm trying." The Earthquake as everyone called it had been some time back. Hawkins was demoralized. Some aspects were trying to come back to life, but Dustin was one of the few who knew the whole story. No one would believe him even if he told them. He stood up from where he'd been sitting and held the broom in his hand.

Claudia Henderson felt terrible seeing her normally happy go lucky son with that light gone from his eyes. "Dustin, you remember Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Thomas? They both said you could stay with them and go to school with your cousins for a year. It would just be until everything is rebuilt here."

Dustin remembered his dad's sister well. She was always so good to him. Her husband, Thomas, was always a great guy too. His cousin Lisa was cool. She was a gamer girl and a Star Wars nerd too. She was a year older than Dustin. Maybe this wouldn't be too terrible . "You talked to Aunt Marilyn already didn't you?" Dustin surmised.

"They are going to be here next Wednesday. I was supposed to try and encourage you more to go." She was speaking softly to him. She really wanted him to be safe. She needed him to be safe. He was everything to her.

"You're not going are you?" He instantly replied. He could read his mom like a book. This page he didn't like all that much.

"No sweetheart. But we'll talk every day I promise. This also gives you a week to tell your friends." He was uncharacteristically silent. "Please Dusty. Do this for me?"

Dustin's jaw clenched. His body tensed. This was an awkward position to be put in for him. "I suppose a school year in Cincinnati won't hurt. I will come back as soon as Hawkins High reopens, right?"

His mother nodded in response to his question. "Of course Dusty. I wouldn't want you to stay away any longer than needed."

"Alright Mom. Just until Hawkins High is reopened." He insisted. He was fine with his extended family in Cincinnati but he knew his leaving even for a little while was not going to set well with his friends. They would figure something out somehow.
"Never Change Dustin Henderson. Promise Me."
credit: james kriet


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