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Dominick Jensen(father): Harlow’s father is a busy man. At 46, he runs one of the largest architectural firms in New York. Dominick is an intelligent and hardworking man. He wouldn’t hesitate to help a person in need. He’s a go getter and won’t take no for an answer. Harlow hasn’t always had a great relationship with her father. And even though things are better now, their relationship is still rocky at times. Part of Harlow is always going to resent him for leaving her and her mother and for not being there to protect her as a child. Harlow loves him though and is happy to have him in her life now.

Richard Bourdeaux(stepfather): Richard is 52 years old and is the CEO of Treasury Bank Financial. He’s well known throughout many social circles. Ask anyone who knows him and they will say he’s smart, very charming, handsome, and a great businessman. To Harlow, he’s a manipulative phony who stole her childhood. She hates everything about him and if she could she’d never speak with him again or kill him if she thought she could get away with it. Her sister is the only reason she has any communication with him at all. And even then she keeps her distance. Harlow used to fear the man when she was younger but she’s not afraid to stand up to him now that she’s older.

Vanessa Bourdeaux(mother): Harlow’s mother is a stay-at-home mother. She’s 45 years old but she looks younger. She’s selfish, tough, and won’t back down from a fight. She’s got a face and personality that can charm anyone. Harlow’s relationship with her mother is complicated. A part of her loathes her mother for allowing her stepfather to abuse her as a child but there’s a part of her that still loves her despite it. The two don’t talk unless it involves Ellianna. Harlow does everything she can to keep her mother out of her life. And just like her stepfather, she only communicates with her because of her sister.

Ellianna Bourdeaux (Sister/daughter): At just 11 years old, Ellianna is wise beyond her years. She is smart, kind, and has a loving heart. Watching her grow up has been one of the few highlights of Harlow’s life. The two have a bond that can never be broken. When Harlow is having a bad day, is stressed out, or needs advice she turns to Ellianna. Harlow does her best to spend as much time as possible with Ellianna and to make sure she knows just how much she loves her.

Nicholas Jensen Jr.: (half brother) Nick is 21 years old and like most 21 year old's he’s a bit of an a**hole but he’s a good guy. He’s funny, athletic, and very competitive. Harlow and Nick haven’t always been close. In fact, Harlow hated him when she was first introduced to him. It was nothing he did wrong, it was just that he got to grow up and spend his life with her father and he walked out on Harlow and her mom. She was also jealous that he got to grow up with two loving parents and didn’t have to go through the things she did. Nick always thought Harlow was the lucky one growing up, but he didn’t know what happened behind closed doors.

Ava Jensen(half-sister): At 18, Ava is a brat. She’s a smart young woman but she’s spoiled and a bit of a party girl. Harlow sees a lot of herself in Ava though. As different as the two women are, the two just click. She doesn’t spend a lot of time with Ava due to the age difference and things like work, but the time they do spend together means a lot to Harlow. Ava is Harlow’s confidant and one of the few people Harlow trusts. She is the only person in her family who knows about the abuse she endured as a child.



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