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Just a mad world.

betty cooper
violent delights
with violent ends
Betty was going through a lot of emotional turmoil as a result of the fact that a serial murderer was calling her and she was also attempting to solve a mystery. Everything was a little excessive. The single bright spot in her life, the guy wearing a knit cap, was the one thing that helped her maintain her sanity. Whenever he was in the vicinity, you could count on him to grasp her hand and see that she had relaxed her grip on her hands. On occasion, he would comprehend the strain that was exerted by her mother. He reminded her that this was a significant improvement over the background noise that was all around her. Yet, now that he was living on the southside, things were not the same. Things were going in a new direction things were altering. She wanted to tell him a lot of things, but she couldn't since she was concerned about keeping him safe at the same time. She was driven nuts by her constant worry about losing him while another individual was being murdered. Betty wanted to go just as they had said she could if it was that simple. After some time, she came to the conclusion that being around the serpents and being around them was something what she wanted. Initially, she believed that they had extremely interesting ideas, and she enjoyed seeing Jughead play the part of the leader. He was maturing into his own unique personality. assuming responsibility for the situation, the point was that she wanted to demonstrate that she was capable of handling things just as much as everyone else. She was capable of handling things on her own regardless of what circumstances arose. He did not have to go to the point of protecting her by just preventing her from being excluded from the situation. She has no intention of just becoming one of the serpents for the sake of Jughead. She wanted to be of assistance. Yet, it was also to demonstrate to him that they were, in a way, a team despite the circumstances. despite the fact that she knew, somewhere in her heart, that he wouldn't like the dancing in front of everyone, Betty couldn't help but do it nonetheless. This was a decision that she was making for herself and not in consultation with anybody else. This was the option that she went with.

While she worked on undoing and retying the knot she had created in the front of her light denim blue shirt, her eyes darted between the diamanté jewels that adorned the collar and the top two buttons. She'd wasted much too much time mulling over whether or not she should show some flesh by tying the scarf in a knot or tuck it inside her skirt instead. In the end, she decided to go with the second choice. She studied her evening attire, which she was aware was supposed to make her feel courageous and confident, but she couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't quite right. She cocked her head to the side. When she gazed at herself in the full-length mirror once again, this time focusing on her pink skirt that was shorter than normal, her attention was immediately pulled to her hair. The most annoying feature has had to be the ponytail.

Her hand reached up and grabbed the blonde hairband, which she then tugged off of her head. Betty Cooper was ready with only the hint of a grin, an upward movement of her lips, and the glide of her fingers through her hair.

With the exception of Polly, the women of the Cooper household made their grand appearance. Almost immediately upon their entrance, there seemed to be an absolute hush fall over everyone in the room. These were the main topic of discussion for everyone there. Betty was unable to recollect the precise amount of time that had elapsed since Alice's last visit to this bar; yet, it seemed that a significant portion of time had been consumed during that absence. Betty focused her concentration on the one and only person in the world who mattered to her at that precise instant in time.

As the music was suddenly cut off, Betty had no clue what was going on, and she watched as Veronica and Archie sprinted off the stage in opposite directions. Veronica and Archie both fled the stage at the same time. Betty's natural singing ability began to emerge as she walked out onto the stage, grabbed the mirophone, and began to perform " All around me are familiar faces Worn out places, worn out faces " It was either going to happen for her now, when it was her turn to dance, or it wasn't going to happen at all. During the time that she was performing, she was on stage. It seemed as if she was constantly proceeding at a slower pace throughout the whole of the circumstance. When she seized the microphone and began singing the song, she slowly began to remove her blowse and then her skirt. Her fingertips delicately traced the curve of her neck as she pushed one hand through her hair. Although she was moving back a little bit and grabbing on to the pole while spinning and leaning back, she was doing everything and anything that came naturally to her at the time. As she turned around, her back was against the pole, and she carefully looked at Jughead. She grasped the pole and started making slow, deliberate spins around it until she was entirely encompassed by it. She did this until she was totally encased by it. She was just dancing gently when she reached up to her face, stroked her cheek, and then kept dancing thereafter. The period of time in which she had the impression that she was existing entirely inside her own universe.

Betty It was the fact that she wasn't only dancing for him but also for other reasons that contributed to the one-of-a-kind experience that she had throughout the dance. As time went on, she saw that she was beginning to take a greater interest in herself. She was developing her independence by choosing to make decisions for herself and deciding that she did not care what other people thought or said about the choices that she made. She often found herself considering how much she cared for the serpents, which spurred her desire to assist them in some manner. It is possible that the Jughead and Serpents had a part in her decision as well. This is something that should be considered.

When Betty made her way up to the microphone and sung the last word of "mad world," she couldn't help but see something off in the distance in one of the room's corners. Despite her composure, Betty made her way closer to the microphone. After that, she turned her attention to concentrate on Jughead and FP. Betty was left clueless when the song abruptly came to a stop; she had no idea what was going on. Betty was experiencing a full-blown panic attack and going through all of its stages. When she learned that Jughead felt negatively toward her, it came as a complete surprise to her. If he had even the slightest suspicion that she intended to go through with this, he would never let it to happen. It was necessary for him to come to the understanding that he did not have to watch over her at all times. They did the task as a unit, and she demonstrated that she is more than capable of looking for herself.

Before FP could even begin to get a handle on what was going on, she had already started to make her way off the stage. She left before FP could even begin to understand what was happening. He seemed to be wearing his Serpent jacket at the moment, and he offered it to Betty so that she might wrap herself in it. Betty's attention moved to concentrate on Jughead as the new center of attention. Even the low lighting in the bar was insufficient to hide his agitation and nervousness. He was furious. When some time had passed, he saw her standing outside wearing a blue blouse and a pink skirt. waiting for the conflict to begin. Everything came tumbling down at the same time.
Therefore love moderately; long love doth so; Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow
Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow


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