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December 04, 2022


03/25/2023 03:29 PM 

task: star sign.

Asher's star sign is....


  • Compassionate
  • artistic,
  • deeply emotional
  • especially empathic
  • sensitive and moody
  • clingy
  • overthinkers
  • lazy
  • secretive
  • forgiving 
Although Asher does have some of the characteristics of those born within the Pisces zodiac, such as being secretive and forgiving, he really doesn't have many other characteristics that are said to belong to those that were born between February 19th and March 20th. This is possibly because he only just makes it into the Pisces zodiac. He does have an extremely forgiving nature and will forgive almost anything when it comes to those he cares for but he isn't clingy or lazy. He is an extremely hard worker and very clean; he is also extremely independent and has been since he can remember. Asher can be rather emotional at times, but this is not a personality trait he would ever say he actually possesses. Like many other personality traits, for Asher, there is a time and a place for this one. It is seldom and very between emotional meltdowns. 



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