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03/24/2023 10:39 PM 

Biweekly Task. "Open Your Eyes" Drabble. TW: Domestic Violence Mentioned.

                                    "Open Your Eyes" -Drabble (TW: Domestic Violence mentioned)

There was no way of her knowing that the man she loved would turn into her worst nightmare. There was no way of seeing the signs because there was none at the beginning. Their relationship at the beginning was wonderful, Silas was sweet, loving and caring. The two had the best of times together, they had beautiful memories and he always knew how to make her smile and laugh. Whenever she was having a bad day, he was there to cheer her up. About a few months later, things started to change. He would start calling her non-stop and texting her non-stop as well. Asking her where she is when she is at work and even when she gets home, he starts yelling at her. It was a distinct-pattern, Eleanor felt as she was walking on egg shells when she was around him. Tonight was no different, she was arriving home and she could feel the tension in the air already. The heavy feeling pressing against her chest, she tried to take a deep breathe ready to find out what would happen. She started to cook dinner and he was calm which was unusual but she did not say anything. She served them dinner, and sat down to eat dinner. The tension could be cut with a knife, she tried to eat as fast as she could and trying to watch what she was saying. She could tell that he had been using drugs again, he had this look in his eyes. His pupils were dialated and there was redness in his eyes. She was about to stand up and take the plates when she felt his hand on her arm. "Where are you going?" she  heard him ask.  "I...I was getting up to take the plates....why?" she asked him. "I haven't told you that you can get up yet so sit down!" he said with an anger tone in his voice. Eleanor was shaking but she tried to keep her compusure. She took a seat back as she placed the plates back. 

She glanced over at him as she was shaking as she saw him get up and throw the plates to the floor. "Why are you shaking?! Are you scared?! Because I will try to do something that will scare you" he said. Eleanor stood up as she began to run as she saw him running after her and pinned her against the wall and started to scream at her, insulting her. She could feel her heart beating and her body freezing up. She snapped out of it as she heard his fist hit the wall. "You make me so mad....you are cheating on me aren't you! Aren't you?! That is why you do not answer my phone calls and texts, you are such a whore" he said as she began to cry. He punched her and she fell to the floor, she started to crawl away as he started to physically beat her. Eleanor laid there trying her best to be resilient and survive. Once he stopped, and left the house, she laid there. She was able to slowly get up and call her friend and her boss, Sandra from the marketing agency. "Sandra, I need help" she said crying. Her friend arrived to the house as she helped her to her car and took her to the hospital. 

Being asked questions and getting treated was not easy, she couldn't bring herself to say that her boyfriend had physically assaulted her, beating her on the floor. She lied to the doctors and said that she had fell, but the doctors understood and gave her space. While she was being treated and waiting in the hospital room, her friend Sandra never left her side. Besides being her boss, she was a friend to her. Sandra was a blonde tall lady, she glanced over at Elanor. "Ellie, why don't you tell the doctor's the truth?! I do not believe that you had a fall..." she said softly. Eleanor had only confided in Sandra because only a few months before, she had come to the office with black eye and used sunglasses to hide it and make up but Sandra could tell. "Because I can't....I can't because I am afraid...I am afraid of his retaliations" she said softly as the tears starting running down her cheeks. "Plus...I love him" she softly as she looked over at her friend. Sandra took a seat on the chair close to Eleanor. "How much pain do you have to go through before given up is okay? How many more insults and beatings Ellie? He does not love you...love is not hurting the one you love is respecting them and trusting them" she said. Eleanor knew that her friend was right. She knew that this would continue and it was the fear and love that kept her from moving. "If you need help and need somewhere to stay for the time being, you can stay with me while you figure out what to do next" she said softly. "Please open your eyes and see that this is not okay" Sandra said. Eleanor nodded and looked over at her. "I will take you on that offer, thank you" she said softly. 

Once she was allowed to leave the hospital, she left with Sandra and they went with a police officer to pick up a bag with her clothes and things for the time being. He was not there at the moment, Sandra helped her pack a bag with her things for the time being. Eleanor knew that this was the final straw, she had enough and she needed to stand for herself. She was going to leave him and leave for good. She did not leave a note, she packed and left with her friend for the time being while she figure out what to do. She hadn't shared with anyone else besides Sandra and she eventually told her cousin, Gabriel who offered to help her to flee. Eleanor was scarred of taking this step but she knew that she had to do it. She had to stand up for herself and it was now or never. She had the opportunity and Silas wouldn't be able to find her or so she thought. This was the incident that truly opened her eyes to the mess of the relationship she had. She seeked out therapy and help to process all of the emotional and psychological abuse that she went through. She was learning to process it and heal from it all. It was still a fresh scar on her, but slowly she was healing from it. 


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