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Keep the drama for your mama.

We’re going to be honest here, in this first rule, and tell you that nobody here has time for your angsty teenage drama. So please, for the love of whatever deity you do or do not believe in, do not bring that here. You should be checking your baggage at the door when you join this group – if you have beef, just be an adult: do what you’re supposed to and move on. There are going to be twenty-eight other members in this group; you can get away with not talking any more than is necessary, we assure you.

If drama does, for whatever reason, occur, we ask that you bring that to us as soon as possible so that we can try and help it from spreading and prevent it from becoming a larger issue.

We will be working on a “three strikes and you’re out” policy, unless the situation requires more drastic intervention. However, please keep in mind that this will be on a case-by-case basis and we reserve the right to preserve our home however we deem necessary. We’re nice people who are usually fair in our judgements about stuff like this, since we understand that everyone makes mistakes, but don’t take advantage of that. Respect us and we’ll respect you, that’s a promise.

Group Activity Requirements.

Activity is the most important thing for every group to survive and thrive, right? Our activity will be broken down into the following three stages: general activity, weekly activity, and bi-weekly activity. We’ll go more in depth on each of these below.

We believe that our general activity requirements look like most groups, but they are as follows: you must maintain four storylines at any time after you finish your second week here, you must login at least once every four days, and any writing needs to be taken care of within a month’s time. If you do not login in over four days, you will be removed unless you’ve asked and received permission for a hiatus. If you are found to be below four storylines or have an owe that is over a month old, you will be given five days to get that resolved; if it is not resolved by the end of those five days, you may be removed from the group.

Our weekly activity isn’t going to be too difficult. You must update your owes list at least once in the seven days prior to our checks, have no overdue owes, and you must have posted at least three statuses that week. Simple, right? If you have an off week, you’ll get a warning, but you have to make it up the following week, so keep that in mind!

Bi-weekly checks are probably our most important, to be honest. We will have a mandatory point system here, which is incredibly easy if you are doing everything you’re supposed to be doing, but every two weeks, you will need to earn forty points, ten of which need to be from writing. This may seem like a lot but we have a whole host of options that will get you to that threshold, so no need to worry! If you do not achieve 40 points, you will lose your spot here unless you’ve spoken to us before Thursday of that week and given us a good reason. (Please note, those on hiatus would have a fraction of that total to earn, depending on how long their hiatus was).

Additionally, our week will end on Friday at midnight eastern. The weekly bulletin should be posted sometime on Saturday. You will be expected to respond to the bulletin within 72 hours of it being posted with whatever is asked, which will work on a three strikes policy. If you miss three within a month’s time, your role here will be at risk. We want our members to actually read what we post. The answer to the question in the audition form is “deeper than blood”. Kudos to you if you can tell us what it’s from, also!

Developing a character.

We are a normal, city-based group. What this means is that we will not be allowing any supernatural characters here (no matter how cool). Otherwise, this is a create-your-own character group. However, please be mindful that there will be a large range of writers here: some will be extremely vanilla, some will be more interested in dark storylines. You do not have to write with everyone specifically for this reason – we want you to follow your muse!

Each writer will only be allowed to have one character within this group. Why? Our cap is thirty members and we want as much diversity in the pool here as possible.

This group is a friend to diversity of all kinds. LGBTQ+ characters and POC characters are more than welcomed. However, we want to ask this: if you are writing a person of color, use a face that reflects that. We’ve seen groups where Megan Fox is being used to portray a Latinx woman or Adelaide Kane is being used as a princess of Spain and that won’t fly here. Respect that there are many wonderful faces that can fit into these roles that aren’t white and we’ll get along just fine.

Other limitations we’d like to place are as follows: if you are using someone famous, do not just copy their life and try to pass it off as your character’s and, additionally, that you do not use characters from other media such as books or television shows. It’s boring, we’re sorry. Think outside the box, create your own character, that’s what makes this place fun!

With as small a group as we have, we reserve the right to ask that an audition be changed if we believe there are too many of the same storylines already within our group. We encourage writers joining us to look through our tumblr and see what is already being done and to try and come up with something different and exciting! We love creativity here and are excited to see what you come up with.

Social media and communication.

Discord will be required for our group. We find that it is a useful tool for us to have a group chat where we can quickly answer member questions and post announcements for those that are mobile more often than not. You have to be in the group chat, yes, but you do not have to participate in the out of character chat – you just have to get notification announcements and use your members box to communicate with us and you’ll be fine!

Communicating is key with us. It’s as simple as this: if we do not know what is going on, we cannot help you. Have an emergency? Need a hiatus? Struggling with your mental health? Nine times out of ten, we’re going to do our best to help you however we can, but you have to let us know what’s up with you or we can’t be of any assistance.

Everything but the kitchen sink.

The biggest things to remember and take away from these are as follows: Respect goes a long way, treat others the way you’d want to be treated, be creative, and have as much fun as possible! We want this to feel like a family, like a safe place that you cannot wait to log onto after a long day of responsibilities in the real world and just lose yourself to. We hope that we can be that for you and we look forward to seeing you join our family!

If you’ve read all of this, sign below with a gif from the television show Lucifer and the face you intend to use. We reserve the right to change these or add to them as we see fit. This set was written and posted on DATE HERE.


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