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Without Warning -Prompt

It was a nice spring morning, it was May right now in a small town called Weston. The town was a forest town, seculfed from the rest of the towns and often forgotten by many other around it. The town offered very little other then a school system and fire department, a church, and library.  There was a single place to eat out in this town and if you didn't like Italian food well that was too bads.

Father Dun had been settled down in this town for about a month now, he had come after a massive storm managed to knock out power and displace many people from their homes. Father Dun converted the church into a small shelter for those wishing to have a safe place to rest before figuring out their next move and he would make sure food was always had in the kitchen and games and entertainment as well for children and adults of all ages.

Father Dun did services and made sure that those under his care were comfortable and able to leave and go freely and did not feel like they had to stay. He would help those seeking employment and drive people to and from job interviews and make sure he could babysit the children while adults needed to rest. Father dun was always busy, but it was a busy he enjoyed it kept his mind off of things and made him feel happy, even if it was just a passing moment.

It had been like any other day when it happened, he was in his home and looking over paperwork when suddenly a small ache twitched on his back causing him to move with discomfort. It was a dull ache so much so he took some Advil and hoped it would soothe the pain, maybe he pulled something or yanked a muscle during his many activities during this time. For a while the pain would just ache, it would simmer right there before suddenly a shooting pain so fierce that it felt like someone had stabbed his back and then yanked the blade down so harshly it made the priest drop like a sack of bricks and screech with alarm.

What in the world?! He thought as he tried to move but the pain was so horrible he was paralyzed, unable to move over then fixate on the horrible pain in his body. He tried desperately getting to the phone a few times, he wanted to get help he wanted to make the pain stop, he needed it to stop.

My friend, do not be alarmed. Those are just my wings adjusting to your body. While other times they are connected to me, you are old enough that the wings have been maturing under your skin for the last forty years they are ready to come out. They will only come out in pairs of two usually a few days apart. Draziel words finally ended the question of what was wrong but it offered NO comfort to the man that felt like something was cutting all over his back as if something was slicing his spine, organs and muscles, and nerves. Father Dun tried to breathe he tried to just focus on staying calm but it was of little to no help the wings whichever the first two were not about to come out easily.

It was only after about five hours of out-of-this-world pain did he finally feel something slicing at his skin, he felt it, it tickled him slightly he couldn't make out what exactly was cutting at his skin.  He felt light-headed, he felt weak he felt exhausted, he wanted to sleep he wanted to rest, but suddenly it happened. Something tore right out of his back, the pain was outrageous, pins and needles and the feeling of something slamming right out of his body. It knocked the priest out cold as now newly fresh wings laid limp beside him covered in nerves, blood, and skin fragments from the man's body of which these firey glowing wings had come from.

It took Father Dun an hour to finally wake up the wings still where steaming slightly bit the blood and skin had vanished from them. The wings lay limp on the floor on either side of him. They were giant, overly crowding his office, these wings' feathers were like knives and were actually on fire small crackling could be heard from the feathers. It took Father Dun a moment to just stare at them with shock, the wings slowly moved as he did as if they knew how to act according to how he moved, as he shifted to try and stand up the wings curled slightly under him to give him a haul to his feet. The wings slowly would lay back limply to the floor as the man regained his balance and looked very alarmed and very puzzled.

Draziel what do I do? what do I do? he asked as he was uncertain what he was supposed to do with these wings right now. Thankfully he didn't have a mass to attend to preach at but he knew he also had people he had to look after.

If you need the wings to recoil or plaster to your back or melt back into you, just think it hard enough, but be warned, they will be just as painful as last time when they need to be unfurled. If you need the wings to be less likely to unfurl at random moments you have to tire them out. 

Father Dun did not understand what the angel was saying was he saying these appendages had minds of their own?  He wondered what exactly these wings' purposes were when it was attached to angels. Where they two different entities attached together? Serpatre yet worked as a single unit? He had so many questions but he knew right now he needed to get these wings hidden so that he could help those at the church and then would have time for the rest of the night to figure out what exactly he could do with these wings. He had to focus hard he had to really make it seem like he needed the wings to recoil into his back or stay hidden, it took a lot of focus before the wings slowly recoiled back into the fresh slits they caused on the pastor's body.

As the Sun Sets take those wings for a flight, they will enjoy the freedom and you can bond with them as well Draziel words echoed in his head.


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