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Losing your memory AU

Trinity DragomirLosing your memory

Spells flung through the air flashing bright colors of red, green, and blue all around Trinity as she lifted her wand readying her next spell. The courtyard that used to grow with such life now held nothing but death all around her, painting her world with a deep crimson that she’d never wash from her skin. Graham…where is Graham… she thought fear was lacing through her even as her mind denied acknowledging the possibility of losing him here in this wasteland. No Graham was alive, she just needed to find him.

Her eyes moved over all the fallen friend and foe alike who lay around her their wands still outstretched as if poised for another shot that would never come. Their spells were lost to the cold grip of death that had come for them. The stench of it assaulted her nose but she refused to cough and disgrace those who had fought so hard for good in the world. Tears stung Trinity’s eyes as an unknown wind flung her red hair all around her sticking to the blood and grim that clung to her like a second skin. At this point, she had been fighting so long that she didn’t know which blood was hers and which was of some unknown soldier now knocking at the veil between life and death.

Green hues darted every which way as her legs carried her through the rubble and muck. The spells that were flying became less and less as she moved through the battlefield. The sounds of victory sounding around her lifted her spirits a little. “HARRY POTTER HAS DEFEATED VOLDEMORT!” A student screamed in relief, making Trinity cheer with those who stood victorious around her.

Death Eaters began to vanish if they could, the ones that couldn’t, fell into despair as they heard what had become of their master. The war was over and they had one but the cries from several around her told Trinity of the cost of such a victory. Her eyes watched as they carried several into the Great Hall, the stillness of the bodies leaving a chill to run up her spine. Death would cling to this place for centuries before the land could even begin to cleanse itself but at least now with the battle over the Earth could begin to heal she just hoped those that lost someone could find the same peace.

“Tracy! Miles!” Trinity’s voice carried as she pressed the wooden tip of her wand to her throat to amplify it above the mummers. “Graham!” The last name came out sounding more like a plea as she failed to see the blonde hair male that seemed to dominate all her memories of this school. From the first day at the Quidditch pitch when Malfoy had tried to bully her into admitting she was a Weasley.

“Trin!” her name sounded back at her and excitement mixed with utter relief as the black hair woman raced towards her and wrapped her arms around her tightly. Tracy and Trinity stood together holding each other for a moment before pulling apart, letting the relief of each other’s safety flood them for a moment. “Have you seen the others?” Tracy asked

Trinity was just about to say no when Terrence’s brown hair appeared as he apparited to them. “Guys!” The male grinned, splitting his lip more down the middle. Trinity’s eyes looked over all the cuts on his face then to Tracy’s arm where it seemed someone had ripped into her shoulder. “Oh no, Tracey!” Trinity said her voice lacing with worry as she inspected the werewolf bite that her friend had suffered. The bite wound was deep, the bite mark forever branding her skin speaking of what she would be. There was no cure, the only hope was the small chance she didn’t change at the next full moon.

“It’s fine…” She said her voice clearly stating she was anything but fine. “Miles and Graham will help me…” She whispered trying to ease some of her friends' concern for her.

“Us…” Terrence said turning his leg so that his own bite would have taken his leg with the amount of blood that caused the jean material to stick inside of it.

Horror flooded Trinity’s bloodstream as tears leaked down her cheeks for her friends but there were still two people missing from their group. “We need to find Graham and Miles,” Trinity said, finally trying to shake the chill that ran up her spine at the thought of not finding them soon.

“They may have gone to the Great Hall,” Tracy suggested, making the others nod the suggestion was the best idea they had except for looking through the dead out here on the battlefield. Trinity knew neither face would be out here among the dead, their fire too bright to be stuffed out here.

A heaviness clung to the trio as they moved over the blood-soaked ground the closer they moved towards the destroyed castle the more the possibility of a final fate for their friends became. Terrence and Tracey placed an arm around Trinity as they held her strong as they went closer. Where was Graham? Why wasn’t he rushing to find her? He promised they wouldn’t part yet the last she saw of him he was fighting his father in a vicious battle and had sent her away so she didn’t accidentally get hit with a rogue spell.

“He’s ok…he has to be,” She said, her voice soft as if speaking those words would cause them to be a lie. They reached the rubble that was left of the main steps and eyes began to turn towards their small ground grief and sorrow laced in everyone’s eyes that felt all too much like it was for her. Trinity walked past them wishing all she could that she could feel the bravery that was supposed to be in every Gryffindor.

“Trin…” Miles' voice caught her attention as she stepped into the Great Hall where so many mourned over the dead bodies of their loved ones. The Weasley’s were in one corner all holding each other as George clung to his twin and the sight twisted something in Trinity. “Trinity” Miles' voice came again, this time more assertive than before, making the redhead peel her eyes from the distraction she had decided was better than the reality he was about to speak.

“No…” Trinity’s voice broke as her chest felt like it was going to cave in if he spoke the words she knew in her heart he was going to. Graham hadn’t run to her…he wouldn’t have left that battlefield without her.

“Trinity…I’m so…”

“No!” Trinity screamed her hair raising as her magic began to wrap around her trying to hold herself together but as she turned to face the dark-haired male her eyes got caught on a blonde-haired boy laying a few feet from him. The scowl that was usually on the face was smoothed out into one of a peaceful sleep. Her breaths began coming out in harsh puffs as if she couldn’t get enough oxygen into her lungs. Her throat began to sting with the tears she held back her legs pulling her forward even when she wanted to crumble.

Her eyes looked down at the empty shell of the man she loved, her knees finally giving out once she was over him. There was a soft white cloth over him up to his neck but the black soot of the spell stood out under it as if taunting her with its fatality. “No…no no” Trinity shook her head, her hands moving over his muscular arms but instead of finding the almost burning heat that once clung there only coldness found her fingertips. “Graham…Graham please don’t…” Trinity could feel Miles, Tracey, and Terrence above her and could hear the soft sobs of Tracey as she found comfort in Terrence’s arms.

“GRAHAM! WAKE UP!” Trinity screamed the grief becomes too much as it moved up her chest and latched around her throat threatening to kill her. Hell, she’d welcome the sweet relief of death now just to be with him. The tremors took over her body as her hand moved up to move his hair back her mind screaming for him to open his eyes. “Graham…don’t leave me…”

I don’t have a choice, Red

His voice in her head didn’t help the pain in her chest. If anything it made it worse because he wouldn’t even get to say it to her for real. “I can’t…I…” The tears burst through her lashes pouring down on him as if those alone would be enough to bring him back to her. However, as she moved to curl into his side her head laying on his still chest reality crashed around her memories of the last three years rushing into her. Graham in this very room in dress robes asking her to dance during the Yull ball, dueling each other for Dueling club and the room of requirement…their secret palace of love that nothing could touch.

Miles sat down beside her his hand on her back trying to give her some sort of relief from the grief that was no doubt breaking them all.

“He can’t be gone…” She sobbed moving so that instead of curling around a corpse she was curled into Miles’ lap. The usual standoff male curled his arms around her without hesitation holding her while Tracey and Terrence moved to add more arms around her but the chill she got from holding Graham still clinging to her bones.

“Bring him back!” Trinity screamed but she wasn’t sure to whom she was speaking. There was no such magic to pull a soul from beyond the veil of death and they all knew it.

“You know I can’t, Little Gryffindor,” His voice broke as if the very thought had crossed his mind too.

“Then send me to him…please!” Trinity begged her chest feeling as if it was being ripped into a thousand pieces. The air was too thick, the world too cold now for her to want to stay.

“I can’t do that either…he’d want his child…”

Trinity’s eyes shot open her eyes looking down at her dirt-covered shirt that barely covered her skin now that the battle had torn the fabric to shreds. The life that had been growing in her abdomen was now the only piece of her Slytherin she had left. Trinity moved her hand to lay against her stomach as she allowed her grief to take hold, flooding all around her until she felt there was nothing left of her.

“Let it out…if you don’t it’ll destroy you,” Tracey’s voice spoke softly, her hand moving against Trinity’s hair trying to calm the raging storm that was now spinning out of control. Graham was gone and there would be nothing and no one that could bring him back.

You are braver than you realize, Gryffindork…

How do I live without you?

Find your fire…

“You took my fire with you,” The words came from her lips releasing into the world as she pulled away from those Graham held the closest. Leaning down, Trinity held her hair back pressing a kiss to his lips before allowing her hair to fall like a curtain so that there was only them. “I will never stop loving you…”

“And he will always love you…Mrs. Montague…” McGonagall’s voice caught her off guard as she opened her eyes and looked up at her professor. McGonagall’s eyes were puffy her face red from thousands upon thousands of tears she no doubt shed for the lost souls. She was the only person in this whole place that knew the ring on her finger was more than just a love token. That was right she was his wife and now she was his widow…oh how the fates play.



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