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Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe Part 2.

betty cooper
violent delights
with violent ends
Betty's remarks poured out in a string, one after the other, as she inched closer and closer to the typical booth that the gang occupies at Pop's. Getting a bite to eat after a late night has been regular for the group ever since Betty started looking more like an extra from The Walking Dead than her typical bubbly and well-put-together self. She stumbled the final few feet before collapsing into the seat, and even though her characteristic ponytail was slicked back flawlessly without a single hair out of place, the dark shadows under her eyes betrayed her. "I believe that I may have been able to get two hours of sleep the night before last. In the Cooper home, I believe it may very well be a new all-time high point."

How much longer was he going to desire her, the flawless Betty Cooper and top student at Riverside High who avoided controversy whenever it was possible and had a pattern of never sticking up for herself for the self-sacrificing sake of others? How much longer was he going to want her? Before she sat down, upon hearing the word "cousin," she approached her, leaned in, and hugged her. Even while Cheryl was the one who always went on these hunts with her whether it was Jughead or Ronnie, it was always Cheryl who was able to whisk her away from her worries at the end of the day and truly concentrate on other things rather than just a case. "I'm happy to see you here, Cheryl  It's well known that whenever I get the impression that anything shady is going on, I can't help but take action and provide assistance. I shall, of course, be joining the rest of you guys."

But, the double-edged implication of the words that she used were anything from innocent, despite the fact that she proceeded to sip her shake in an innocent manner. That was one of those things that, in a lot of ways, like so many other things, brought out the childlike side in her. It was a carefree time, free from the constraints of rules or the way things were meant to be. During those times spent together, she revealed the aspects of her personality that were most characteristic of Betty. For example, the way she impetuously attempted to keep her arms crossed as a defensive front was both amusing and futile. Her petulant stance lasted for only a few seconds before her arms fell to her lap, and she allowed herself to break from her feigned expression with a laugh as she reached for her milkshake to take a celebratory sip from it. "okay, I just wrapped up another case, but there's been something else going on that I really haven't spoken about, Dot, " she said. She broke into a grin when she finally looked up at toni. "hey t! you are just in time. I think i'm somewhat am." She cast another glance in Tate's direction and smiled warmly at him as she did so. "Yes, Tate, we would love for you to join us. Maybe you might be able to assist."

"I can't say for sure..." She was lagging behind, one hand reaching out to twiddle with the straw from her milkshake that was only halfway finished, but she followed up with a harder and more determined repeat. "I don't. I mean, I've always believed that this issue was resolved, but-" Betty shook her head, exasperated by the fact that her ideas kept running into each other before she had even finished completing one statement. She immediately clamped her lips together, as if she was afraid that anything further she said would come out and make the situation even more dire than it already was. She had been attempting to convey an issue that she hadn't recognized as a problem until now since it seemed to be getting momentum.

The woman's lips were squeezed together into a thin line as she allowed herself the time to put together something comprehensible while simultaneously being aware that there was very little patience. "I've just started receiving phone calls again, but I'm unsure who they are from," the blonde said. She gave in, her face gradually softening as she realized that all of the females had no idea what response she would get.
Therefore love moderately; long love doth so; Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow
Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow


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