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Destruction Of Life.

Death hated when her brother caused so much destruction against the humans. Sometimes it wasn’t a bad thing because in order for new things to blossom, old things had to die. That was where she came in—having to ferry the dead to their final resting places, good or bad. The ones she encountered would always try to make deals with her so they could stay on the living plane but that wasn’t what she was there for. Each time a little piece of her died with them when they had to go, and it was her job to be there for all of them. Most deaths occurred in Mystic Falls; Especially when it came to the Salvatore brothers. Her idiotic brothers. They officially knew that they were related to her, a celebrity and a goddess of many entities, but of course, they weren’t afraid of her seeing as they had been through their share of things in the town. Though she hated the trouble they would get themselves into, it was her job to always look out for them whether they wanted her to or not.




This time was different, Stefan Salvatore had long died due to taking Damon’s place with Katherine in order to save the town and Damon had gone on to become human and be with his one true love; Elena Gilbert. The doppelganger of Katherine Pierce. It broke her heart when she had to take both brothers, it was a bittersweet moment when the two were reunited in heaven, exactly where they belonged. It was time for a new generation to take over, life, souls, and entities. Rihanna had taken up residence in Mystic Falls for a few days to hide from the paparazzi, her 12-year-old daughter was a gifted child and she decided to enroll her in the school for the gifted, she knew of a professor named Alaric Saltzman; a man who had lost his wife on their wedding day and almost his unborn twin daughter until they were moved to the womb of the last vampire walking, Caroline Forbes. It was a well-known lore that vampires couldn’t pro-create but with the gift of magic, it was a new way of life. The goddess had watched them grow into smart, beautiful young women and Caroline earned the motherly role with how she protected them. Next to the twins, there was another gifted child that caught Rihanna’s eye; Hope Mikaelson, the daughter of Niklaus. The hybrid that all vampires feared once upon a time. He was heartless and dangerous, but when it came to his daughter, he could be the softest person anyone had ever met.



The goddess wandered the woods. Her husband didn’t like when she did so since she was heavily pregnant, but knew and understood a goddess like her could handle the dangers of the woods. She could hear howls coming from a distance, causing her to smile to herself as she walked towards it. Reaching the middle of the darkened woods, she could see several wolves laying together until one of them perked up and looked in her direction. She wasn’t afraid but had been on her P’s and Q’s if something happened and they tried to attack her. “Worry not, pup. I come in peace.” She spoke telepathically to the wolf as her green eyes glowed and she stepped closer to the pack, holding several bloodied pieces of meat for them, setting it on the ground. Before she knew it, the female wolf stood on all fours to slowly walk in the direction that smelled of blood. Looking at the woman again, the female wolf began to eat the meat, getting her fill; she stepped closer to the woman, nudging her belly before licking it and whimpering. Rihanna smiled and pet the animal gently. “Attagirl. I am Robyn Rihanna Fenty. But you can call me Teleute. Death. Or Calypso. I am looking for Hope, but not to harm her. Mainly warn her.” Rihanna spoke to the wolf, knowing she could understand her. The wolf tilted its head before looking far into the distance, a dimly lit house showed. Hearing the sounds of laughter and banter coming from it. “Thank you, love. I owe you and your family dinner. I shall return.” Rihanna promised before she departed from the pack of wolves and continued on her journey to find the young Mikaelson.


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