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FAQ: Lux Roleplay Community
Category: Blogging

Q: What is Lux?
A: It's a diverse roleplay community of writers on Discord of all skill levels, genres, verses and from several different sites where roleplay is hosted that come together to enjoy writing in different styles and enjoy their love of story together in many different forms.

Q: Is it based on Lucifer?
A: No, the name has no affiliation with the show or comic Lucifer. It's more so taken from the idea of people from many different walks of life being together in the same place at once. The club Lux on the show embodied that in fact it was run by the Devil but supernaturals and humans alike congregated there nightly. Our server is the same way, but with a lot broader definition of diversity. But the owner is a major fan of the show (if you can't tell)!

Q: Is Lux a group?
A: No, although it does run in a similar fashion, we don't have a verdict process because we are so inclusive and don't judge skill level in order to join. Because we are a community and not a group, we aren't going to judge or be upset if you're a part of other roleplay groups or writing projects. Just follow the link that you will find on Mars Saint labeled Lux (in the Home and Add Friend section of the profile) and you're in!

Q: Do I need a profile for the character on the site I roleplay on?
A: No you don't have to. Only if you want to have one. We leave that decision to the writer but if you do, there's a place in the server to share that profile with everyone or any of the other profiles you have and want to share. It may result in an increase in writing for your other profiles (that's certainly what we hope for). You may want to make a Tupper though for your character, which we strongly encourage but that's it.

Q: Where does writing take place?
A: Solely in the Discord server in regard to the writers we have but if you want to write with some of the writers from our server on site (those that are members of the site you use) that's fine. You'd also be welcome to write freely with your Lux character on site with people outside the storyline. We give our members full autonomy over their characters.

Q: What kind of stories will be written in the Lux community?
A: We plan to host a variety of genres with almost nothing off-limits other than erotic writing (in the server but what you do in private is your business). We have several roleplays available from a variety of genres and plan to add more. Currently we are building our storyline roleplay in the genre of paranormal fantasy but our casual roleplays are in mystery and adventure.

Q: Would I be able to find a writing partner(s) in the community?
A: The potential is definitely there! We can't guarantee success, of course, because we don't control the members but based on the number of writers and the channel we have in the server for partner connections, we think the chances are high. For best results, it's recommended if using this channel to find a partner to be very clear, concise and specific about what you're looking for in a partner but also be open minded.

Q: Does that mean my character has to be supernatural?
A: Absolutely not. Human characters are also welcome. We are pretty proud of how inclusive we have been able to build this community and our open world storyline roleplay is a reflection of that. Not only allows for creative freedom for our writers, it allows for literally any character to be a part of our story without a lot of hassle and gives the writer full autonomy over their own character.

Q: Can I contribute ideas for roleplays?
A: Absolutely! We encourage the contribution and creativity of our members.

Q: Are there any restrictions?
A: Age and erotic writing but that's it. Although the server is mostly clean, we ask everyone who joins to be 18+. There's a fair amount of cursing and we can't guarantee conversation or writing will always remain clean. We don't allow erotic writing on the server but if you partner with someone on the server and want to write erotically with them, you're welcome to do that in private. Other than that, nothing is off limits.

Q: Are there any rules I should know about?
A: There's a fair list of rules but nothing really crazy. The only one anyone really needs to worry about is that we expect participation. Anyone found inactive without prior communication will be booted after a period of time but we give everyone a fair shake and every opportunity to join in or correct the behavior before it comes to that.

Q: Does my character have to be original or have to be part of a fandom/verse?
A: No, your character can be either one.

Q: Are you inclusive of LGBTQ people?
A: Definite yes! Most of our current members are LGBTQ or know people who are. If ever someone joins that is not and voices any kind of prejudice or hate, they will be instantly removed from the server because we have zero tolerance for that behavior.

Q: What's the owner/admin like?
A: The owner is a fair, laid back, experienced leader, having previously run several groups before one of them lasting more than 2 years consecutively. There is currently only 1 other admin that is also very fair and laid back that has also been in several leadership positions during there tenure as a roleplayer and helped to run the same group the owner did that lasted two years. They are long standing friends, co creators, co leaders that has resulted in a familial bond which make them a solid admin team that creates stability for the community. They are also hoping to bring more admins to the team from exemplary members of the community that meet and/or exceed expectations.

Q: How big is the server?
A: Not very large at the moment, but it does have the potential to be pretty big but that doesn't mean it will be. We hope people who join and enjoy the server will invite their friends. 

Q: Why should I join Lux?
A: We have a quickly growing community of writers that come from the three sites we are currently recruiting from, and planning to expand beyond that so you'll get to meet and mingle with writers from beyond Roleplayer.Me. We offer three categories of writing; solo (monthly drabbles), casual (scenes that don't connect to one another and have no lasting effects on the character once the scene ends) and storyline (scenes that do interconnect to one another to form an ongoing story and do have lasting effects on the characters). We also offer fun writing and story related activities like character and story driven photo edits, character video creations, a story club (kind of like a book club but not limited to books) where we discuss stories we love, writer character analysis, and much more on the way.

Q: I can't find the link you mentioned for the server. What do I do?
A: Message me privately and I'll send it to you.


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