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Gender: Female
Age: 30
Sign: Virgo
Country: United States

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February 06, 2019


03/13/2023 10:50 PM 


1.) Event name? Crybaby Competion
2.) What type of event is it? Annual event for parents/babies and any spectator to see who the biggest cry baby is in town.
3.) Hours of operation and days of the week open? 9am - 6pm, every April 3rd. 
4.) A brief description of what the event has to offer? Come on down families and fiends to find out who the biggest cry baby in town is. Parents enter their babies aged from 0-3 (different age groups and different prizes). Parents must pull faces, tickle, take away a toy or take away a dummy in order to make their baby cry. Once the baby cries they will be scored for loudest and longest cry. Winning baby gets a gift hamper and the parent gets a $100 gift card for a place of their choice. Everyone welcome. Food trucks will be at the event to serve refreshments. Also some games for kids and adults to play and win silly prizes.


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