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February 06, 2019


03/06/2023 10:05 PM 

Optional task 422

  1. Why can’t you just come back to bed? I’m lonely without you.
  2. Why don’t we both call in sick and get Pittsburgh town for a while?
  3. ”I told you I loved you, and you said nothing. Do you have anything to say to me now?”
  4. ”Well, well, Well. I knew you’d show up eventually, you just can’t stay away”
  5.  “No you’ve had enough, I’m cutting you off. It’s for your own good, don’t fight me on this”
  6.  “I can’t stop, there’s something wrong”
  7.  “Your dad has been winning at hide and seek since you were a kid, don’t play games with me you’re not very good at them”
  8.  “Oh my gosh... do you remember when this picture was taken?”
  9.  “I could easily say I hate you, I could also easily say I forgive you. I’m just not sure which one to say”
  10.  “Wait you wanna do drag? Of course I’ll help you”


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