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Prison World intro

Prison World
intro post/ mention: Kai and Caroline
What was it about Lockwood Manor that made him hate being there? Tyler Lockwood was the last surviving heir of the Lockwood Family that had been so prominent in Mystic Falls since the early days. As with many families in this town, the Lockwoods had their secrets. They were a family of werewolves. Tyler was just the latest and the last member of this line.

Since his youth, he was working alongside with the Armory and even with his friend Jeremy Gilbert as monster hunter. Sure there were good monsters, but there were also bad monsters. One of the worst monsters Tyler ever knew was a siphon witch named Malachi Parker. The bastard had been sent to a Prison World by the Gemini Coven after killing most of his family and severely injuring his twin Josette. He'd searched for two year old Olivia and Luke but Josette had saved them getting injured in the process. Fast Forward another twenty years to Kai's escape from the Prison World and a final rampage and revenge against the Coven that had banished him.

Tyler hated the piece of garbage because in his final act of revenge, Kai killed nearly the entire Coven. That included Olivia, with whom Tyler had fallen deeply in love. Any chance he could, Tyler would stand against Kai all for the memory of Liv and what she meant to him. Kai needed to be put down once and for alq. The Armory knew he was personally vested in the whole story of Kai Parker and for good reason.

The Parkers were witches. The Lockwoods were werewolves and the Salvatores were vampires. Family secrets ran deep and were often deadly. Tyler was packing his gear in Lockwood Manor which was next to the Salvatore Boarding School. He was planning on stopping by the school to let Caroline know where he was going. He liked to make sure that she knew where he was in case she needed him to come back for any reason. He was a part time Gym Teacher there, usually putting the werewolves through their paces. He was Coach Lockwood to the kids. He would do anything for those kids and Caroline. He had his last bit of gear shoved in the bag. He zipped it up tight before tossing the bag over his shoulder.

He turned to go toward the door of his bedroom in Lockwood Manor. That was when it happened. The light that surrounded him was so bright that it actually hurt. Tyler actually let out a werewolf growl from the momentary pain that the bright light inflicted on him. It took him a bit longer for his eyes to readjust because of his augmented senses. What in the hell just happened?

Tyler had found himself knocked to the floor as a result of this bright light. He started to push himself upward slowly. His room had changed. None of his things were in the room. It had changed drastically. It was filled with surfer boy things. Tyler stood to his feet slowly. He noticed a snapshot of campers who were on a fishing trip tucked under the corner of the mirror. He examined the picture closely. It had been one he'd seen before. Upon further inspection, he realized that the best looking kid in the group was his Uncle Mason. The date on the picture was 1985. He couldn’t get over what was happening here.

He knew that his room had been Mason's once upon a time. When Tyler was a little boy, he remembered moving into this room when Mason left. Given the fresh ink and the quality of the photo, Tyler knew something was not right. He was somehow transported to 1985. By the lack of noise outside, Tyler's mind ran through a dozen scenes as to what was happening. Something pulled him here and that idea put him on high alert. He'd been transported to 1985 somehow… but why? The only thing to do was to leave Lockwood Manor to try and get some answers. He exited the room and started toward the main hall. What was he going to find out there? Hopefully it wouldn't take long to find the answers.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet


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