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02/07/2023 01:40 PM 

V-day AC- Past love to self

Aurora knew that she was her own worst enemy when it came to herself. It has always been like that since as far as she could remember. If she could tell her younger self anything it would be never to listen to the voices in her head or others for that matter. She would always be called the dumb princess or the scary cat. But she was so much more than that, she was a strong beautiful woman who could do anything she put her mind to no matter what it was. That she could do anything she set her mind to no matter how big or small it was. As she sat thinking about what she was going to do to tell her younger self that.

She sat at her desk and wrote herself a letter that she would slip under the door to where she lived BUT she wanted to do something even bigger. There was a song that she remembered hearing that would fit just right with this moment. It was not a song you heard a lot, but it would fit for this moment it was called voice and it basically said to fight the voices that said you were not good enough or that you were not brave enough. That was something even now as she knew that the voices can sometimes get into your head so bad that you don't know what is right or wrong. She found a magic bean and was going to go back in time and show her younger self the song. She threw the bean and grabbed the letter and the boom box and stood outside her own window blaring the song as she sang to it as well. "The voices in your head are wrong you are beautiful, worthy and so enough.



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